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About Cyber Shooter - Battle Royale

Welcome to Offline cyberpunk gun shooting game…!!
Are you ready to join this horrific cyber shooting gun war of the year?

Prepare yourself with advance guns to join the modern shooting wars 2022 to save the world.

Show your war skills in TDM and Distraction Gun Shooting Mode of cyberpunk battle royale. A true Third Person cyber Shooter Game with realistic physics and amazing graphics.

Cyberpunk is Waiting for You

The city of cyber gun shooting game is full of deadly shooters who want to finish your story forever. Money and guns solve most problems here. The police and security forces are powerless. If you want to survive in this cyberpunk battle royale game you have to be ruthless and above the law. Buy fashionable clothes, finest weapons, get the fastest car and face all the evil forces of cyber shooting gun war.

Magic is Believing in Yourself

In this offline cyberpunk gun shooting game there’s no place for you if you can not handle destructive circumstances. If you can not run faster, can not hold your nerves and have lack of knowledge about hacking just go and get your body improved. Upgrade your weapon, skills and character to be the best hired gun in the city.

Advance Weapons of Modern Gun Shooting Wars

There’s a lot of weapons available for you, from pistols to machine guns and energy rifles. Don’t forget to upgrade your backpack before entering into battlefield of cyber shooting games 2022. Find your own tactics to defeat different opponents, cyber-ninjas and bosses.

Survive in Team Death Match

Are you ready for the tdm challenge in cyber shooting games?
Action battles with players all over the world are here to defeat you. Arena offers you fast and dynamic battles. Lead your team and win this inevitable battle of modern gun shooting wars. Your ultimate battle royale goal is to survive till the end.


Visit the store of offline cyberpunk gun shooting wars to purchase the weapon you want. Make your own loadout combining the best set of guns and sci-fi pistols that suit you. To improve the experience and domination on the battleground of cyberpunk battle royale upgrade your guns, outfits, grenades expertise and vehicles.

Next Expected Features of Cyber Shooter - Battle Royale 2022

Skills (Super Jump Power, Traffic Cars Snatching, Mines, Med Kits, Revive Your Partner)
Some New Modes (Capture the City, Tank Battle, Grenades Distraction Wars)
Invite your friends in tdm.
More maps for fight and survival missions.
More characters, weapons, vehicles and outfits.
Landing scene with parachutes and helicopter.
Fortune Spin Wheel to get extra rewards.

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