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About SKF Authenticate

The SKF Authenticate app guides the user on how to verify the authenticity of SKF products.

There are two main functionalities in the app:
- Clear instructions on how to photograph the product and automatically submit a request, all in one process. Dedicated SKF experts then review the information, verify if the product is counterfeit, and let you know.
- Where applicable, the user can use the app to scan a code on the package and get an instant feedback on if the code is valid or not.

*Please note*
Scan result ‘Scan successful - The code is valid’ is an indication, but not a guarantee, that the product is genuine. Always send photos using the SKF Authenticate app if you need a verification.

It is a very good app for verifying the authenticity of all SKF products. Please always use this app even if you are only slightly in doubt as to the authenticity of SKF products!
Arjun Vishwakarma
I've just installed this app and followed the simple instructions to submit photos for verification and within 24 hours I had an email reply so it worked very well for me. I'm very impressed so it's 5 stars.
terry lester
Tried this and found working excellent.
Saleem R. Chandna