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About The Bible App Free + Audio, Daily Verse, Prayer

On more than 350 million devices around the world, people are reading, listening to, watching, and sharing the Bible everyday using the YouVersion Bible App—completely free. 1,400+ Bible versions, 1,000+ languages. Listen to audio Bibles. Thousands of Reading Plans & Devotionals in 40+ languages. Download the Bible App!

Customize your Bible with Highlights, Bookmarks, and public/private Notes. Access everything online, or download select versions to read offline. Read, study, and share with friends. Enjoy honest conversations about faith in trusted community. Grow together every day with friends, sharing your discoveries. Create shareable Bible art: add Bible verses to your photos.

● Experience the Bible App in any of 40+ languages
● Switch between 1,400+ Bible versions, 1,000+ languages
● Popular versions: King James Version KJV, New International Version NIV, New King James Version NKJV, New Living Translation NLT, English Standard Version ESV, NASB, Revised Standard Version RSV, New Revised Standard Version NRSV, NIV
● Offline Bibles: Read offline even w/o network access (select versions)
● Audio Bibles: Audio for select versions (not available offline)
● Verse of the Day widget

● Center your Christian friendships around holy Scripture in the Bible App
● Home Feed: See what your friends bookmark & highlight
● Comments: Connect with friends each day as you study Bible truths together, sharing ideas, asking questions

● Reading Plans: Thousands of Devotionals, Bible Plans. Bible study topics or read portions of the Bible. Read the entire Bible (both One Year® Bible and Bible in One Year)
● Video: Watch clips from the JESUS film, Lumo Project & more

● Verse Images: Create amazing bible verse images
● Highlights: Select custom colors
● Bookmarks: Memorize and finding your favorite Bible verses
● Share verses with friends: social media, email, or SMS/text
● Notes: Keep them private so only you can see them, or public to share with friends
● Cloud Sync: With a free YouVersion account, see your Notes, Highlights, Bookmarks and Reading Plans on any supported device
● Easy Reading: Adjust font, text size, and contrast for bright or low-light

● Contact support from inside the Bible App
● Like us on Facebook
● Follow us on Twitter
● Keep current on our blog
● YouVersion online

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How many Bible versions are available on the YouVersion Bible App?

There are over 1,400 Bible versions available on the YouVersion Bible App.

Is the YouVersion Bible App free?

Yes, the YouVersion Bible App is completely free to download and use.

Can I download Bible versions to read offline?

Yes, you can download select versions to read offline.

Are there audio Bibles available on the app?

Yes, there are audio Bibles available for select versions, but they are not available offline.

Is it possible to customize your Bible on the app?

Yes, you can customize your Bible with highlights, bookmarks, and public/private notes. You can also adjust the font, text size, and contrast for easy reading.

Are there Bible study plans available on the app?

Yes, there are thousands of reading plans and devotionals available in 40+ languages for Bible study.

Can I share Bible verses with friends?

Yes, you can share verses with friends on social media, email, or text.

Is it possible to connect with others on the app to study the Bible together?

Yes, you can connect with friends on the app to study Bible truths together, share ideas, and ask questions.

Is there customer support available for the app?

Yes, you can contact support from inside the Bible App.

Is YouVersion available on social media?

Yes, YouVersion has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, and you can also keep up to date with their blog.
Babul Das
This app has changed my life. It has so much great material. For everyone and every walk of life. You can listen to the Bible if you are driving alot. You can do devotionals by your self or with a group and ...
Jonathan Hartley
God with us.
Simon Mwangi
God is awsome!!!!!
Kevin Shand
Cee Jay
Pat Wolf