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About Baby Panda's Dinosaur World

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Do you want to know more about the daily life of dinosaurs? Do you want to interact with dinosaurs? Come and visit the Dinosaur World! In the Dinosaur World, not only will you play with baby dinosaurs, but you’ll also get to know other animals, experience skiing, play sand, and make delicious food... Are you ready to explore the Dinosaur World? Let's go!

Explore Animal World
Hatch dinosaur eggs, and feed baby dinosaurs; get rid of germs and treat parasaurolophus; Cheer the tyrannosaurus up with feathers, and play basketball with it!
Help the plesiosaurus dodge obstacles and look for food in the Underwater World. Play with the sea lion and perform on the sea. Send letters with the pigeon and take it to where it wants to go!

Experience life in the four seasons
Bring some tasty food and go on an outing in the forest. Catch some butterflies and picnic on the grassland. Come to the beach and look for shells by digging the sand. Use the shells to make necklaces!
Take care of the farm. Harvest the wheat and fruits. Bring your snowboard to ski. Make snowmen and decorate them with hats and scarves. Play snowballs with friends.

Cook using the harvested food
Sow seeds to plant corn, tomatoes, potatoes and more. When all the ingredients are ripe, pluck them to make delicious dishes!
Make cakes, fruit platters, pizzas, and cookies, and then taste them! Wow, the food you made looks so delicious!

What else do you want to try? Driving a car, steering a steamer, or flying an airplane? Or would you rather play the dinosaur puzzle? You’ll get to play everything you wish to play in the Dinosaur World!

- Understand how dinosaurs behave
- Make pizzas, cakes and more!
- Experience skiing, playing snowballs, and digging sand!
- Over 100 interactions: Choose among feeding dinosaurs, planting rice, making cakes, skiing, surfing and more.
- Get to know more than 70 kinds of animals and become good friends with them!
- Make cuisines using over 40 ingredients!

About BabyBus
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