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About Industry Online Support

With the Industry Online Support App you have access to more than 300,000 documents about Siemens Industry products - any time and anywhere.

The app supports you, for example, in the following fields:

• Problem solving during the implementation of a project
• Troubleshooting of failures
• Expanding or restructuring your system

It also provides you with access to the Technical Forum and to further entries created for you by our experts:

• FAQs
• Application examples
• Manuals
• Certificates
• Product notes, and many others

The main functions at a glance:

• Scan your product codes / EAN codes for a direct display of all technical and graphic data (e.g. CAx data) about your Siemens Industry product.‑
• Send your product information or entries per e-mail in order to process the information directly at the workstation.
• Send your requests to Technical Support at your convenience. Detail information can easily be added using the scan or photo function.
• Use the offline cache function to save your favorites to your device. In this way you can call these entries, products and conferences even without network coverage.
• Transfer PDF documents to an external library.
• The contents and surfaces are available in six languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese) – including a temporary switching to English.

More information about how to use the app can be found in the menu item “Help / Tutorial” or in this video:

To be able to use all features as usual, you need authorizations for the app. The authorizations will only be used when you make use of the function.
These are the functions and the authorizations required for them.

To send us feedback with your device information attached (only if the checkbox for reading out the device data is checked).

Read contacts:
To add a Siemens Contact Person to your own contacts.

To calculate a route to a Siemens Contact Person.

Generally required to store data (your Favorites, your offline cache, your support requests, …) locally in the device.

To scan a product code or attach an image to a support request.

WLAN connection information:
For web services data

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the Industry Online Support App?

The Industry Online Support App provides access to over 300,000 documents about Siemens Industry products, including problem solving, troubleshooting, and system expansion/restructuring.

What resources does the app provide access to?

The app provides access to FAQs, application examples, manuals, certificates, product notes, and more.

What are the main functions of the app?

The main functions include scanning product codes for technical and graphic data, sending product information via email, contacting Technical Support, offline caching of favorites, transferring PDF documents, and multilingual support.

How can I access more information about using the app?

More information about using the app can be found in the "Help/Tutorial" menu item or in a video tutorial provided at the link:

What authorizations are required to use the app?

The app requires authorizations for functions such as sending feedback with device information, adding Siemens Contact Persons to contacts, calculating routes to contact persons, storing data locally, scanning product codes, and accessing web services data via WLAN connection.
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