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Earn with the car you have, drive the car you want: SHAiR opens up a whole new horizon for peer to peer carsharing and next level vehicle experiences.
Sign up for free and start earning money sharing your car with qualified drivers, or find your ultimate vehicle experience and hit the road yourself!

At SHAiR, we've combined state of the art technology and our commitment to supercar, sports car, luxury, and everyday budget vehicle transport - all while offering a customer support experience that is unparalleled by any auto rental agency or sharing space available today.

Whether you're:
- a vehicle owner looking to put your asset to work for you;
- a car enthusiast looking to test drive your dream machine;
- a realtor, photographer, director, musician or artist looking to shoot promotional or professional material;
- a business traveler, tourist, or thrill seeker in need of a vehicle;
- or just someone looking to surprise their significant other, friend or family member with the perfect gift,
SHAiR was made for you.

We’ve made our process and user experience as aerodynamic and well-engineered as the priceless vehicles that we make affordable to the everyday traveller.

Download the SHAiR app today and join our growing community of smart-shopping travelers, vehicle enthusiasts and transport entrepreneurs!

The app was easy to use, very user friendly! Lots of nice vehicles to choose from
Larina Seibel
Easy to use and full of cool tech features!
Troy G.
I would definitely recommend downloading this app, they have great fleet of luxury cars to choose from. Very friendly live chat agents too 😍
Mosaic peter