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About Griddlers 1: Nonogram, Picture Cross Logic Game

Griddlers 1 is the number one picture cross free game on Google Play. Keep your brain sharp! Solve interesting logic nonograms and reveal the hidden pixel picture. It may look like a black and white Griddler puzzle, but after finishing you will uncover your pixel art colored picture! Create a simple piece of pixel art by using your logic and creativity while playing nonogram. Choose the difficulty, solve nonogram logic puzzle and paint a plenty of free picross puzzle pictures.

Discover the world of fun japanese crosswords with simple rules. All you need to play the nonogram is the grid and the clues.
- Using logic alone, you need to determine which squares will be colored and which will be empty. Empty squares should be marked with X.
- The clues are the numbers that tell you the runs of colored squares in that row or column. For example, a set of numbers """"3 8 1"""" means there are sets of three, eight, and one filled squares, in that order, with at least one blank square between each set of colored squares.
- Fill in squares on a Nonogram grid according to numeric clues.
- Solve picross puzzle and discover nice pixel art!

- Difficulty levels: you can play on 5x5, 10x10 or 15x15 areas. Start with easy levels, learn to play and become a master of Nonogram!
- Daily NEW puzzles : challenge yourself with everyday japanese crosswords and become an expert in Griddlers games!
- Weekly challenges: solve even more nonograms and get rewards for completing them.
- Plenty of free and beautiful pixel pictures: Reveal hidden image and enjoy colorful pixel art.
- Useful hints to solve griddlers easily.
- Great time killer and brain training number game.

Want to challenge your brain? Try Griddlers 1: Nonogram, Picture Cross Logic Puzzles. Download free and deep into the world of endless playing. You will never get bored of these addictive and challenging logic puzzles (griddlers plus, japanese crosswords).

Super addictive and fun love the daily challenges!
Laura Hale
I love the daily challenges.
Leanna Cate
This app is fantastic. It starts out with a quick, easy to follow tutorial to teach (or remind) you how to play. I really like the simplistic and clean design, cute sound effects and the controls are perfect.
Kendra Brown