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About Alarm Clock Beyond πŸ’€ Talking Alarm, Radio & Music

What better way to motivate you to wake up than with the spoken time, temperature and an optional message to remind you of the day's important tasks! All completely customizable.

β˜… Alarms can be one-time, repeat weekly, or a specific date in future (January 1, 2022? Sure, why not!)

β˜… Many ways to stop alarms to ensure you wake up - math, captcha, shaking, walking and more

β˜… Wake to the music of your choice - ringtone, music, song playlist, or online radio

β˜… Unique alarm music: we've included 17 FREE sounds you can use, or search your device for a ringtone or song

β˜… Mayday Mode: like having a back-up alarm that ensures you get up by a specific time. It transforms your alarm into a LOUD alarm that can only be dismissed - making sure you get up!

β˜… Ok Google: set your alarm/timer via voice with Ok Google

β˜… Backup: automatic backup and restore

β˜… Alarm options: dozens of ways to customize your alarm. Each alarm has its own settings that can be changed without altering other alarms - plus default alarm settings for each new alarm


Alarm options include:

βœ” Alarm label: shown in alarm list and spoken with the alarm as an added reminder

βœ” Alarm type: one-time, weekly repeat, or a specific date in the future

βœ” Sound type: ringtone, music, song playlist, or online radio

βœ” Alarm volume: override the system volume with your volume preference - plays during do not disturb as well

βœ” Prevent lowering volume: great option for heavy sleepers (or disable if you prefer)

βœ” Volume crescendo: gradually increase the alarm's volume over a period of time

βœ” Speak time: say the time after your alarm starts and repeat at an interval of your choice

βœ” Snooze options: choose your snooze method, snooze duration, maximum # of snoozes, and auto-snooze duration (or disable snooze altogether)

βœ” Dismiss options: similar options to snooze available

βœ” Vibrate: enable or disable vibration during alarm

βœ” Weather: see the current temperature and conditions on the dismiss screen

βœ” Upcoming alarm notification: be notified before your alarm goes off

βœ” Delete after dismissed: you can choose to delete an alarm after it has been dismissed

βœ” Copy/Reset/Preview features: allows you to easily manage and test your alarms

And much more! Plus, many new features being developed.

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Amazing and fantastic application it is the best
Husam Ahmad Dwaikat
Powerful, easy to use and set up, works well... Love the talking alarm feature!
Vikas Mathur
Describe my experience.... Well I set my alarm, it makes this loud noise in the morning, I wake up....true story!
Jason Kitts
Tracey brooks el
Work better than the alarm that was already installed allowing me to play my music
Chasity Thomas
Perfect. I put everything on it. I love that there is a voice reminder I can set so I don't forget what I set the alarm for. A lot of different ways to customize the alarms. I love that I can set an alarm fo...
C&S Co.