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About SentinelOne

Singularity Mobile is an enterprise application used to secure employee devices. It is designed to protect users’ and businesses’ private information from attackers. This app never collects messages, emails, call data, pictures, contacts, or other sensitive information.

This application is designed to protect you from phishing URLs, untrusted networks, and device-level attacks, all while protecting your privacy. If your organization has requested you install this application as part of its mobile security policy, please be aware of the following: Your employer cannot use this app for the below:

- Cannot read your texts, emails, or other communication
- Cannot see your browsing history
- Cannot listen to your calls or see who you talk to
- Cannot listen to you via your phone’s microphone
- Cannot monitor you via your camera
- Cannot read your files or documents
- Cannot capture your screen
- Cannot view your contacts

However, this application will monitor system behaviors to help both you and your employer detect if another application tries to invade your privacy in the above ways.

To begin protecting your device, this app must be connected to a SentinelOne management console. If your organization does not offer this mobile app, you can contact your IT Administrator to inquire about the possibility of using Singularity Mobile at your organization. This app does require configuration by a trained IT professional. Please do not attempt to use it without a valid business license.

A site URL may be collected when part of a phishing attack. Almost all information collected by this app is also optional and can be declined by the user or turned off by your employer. No collected information will ever be sold to a third party.

Once installed on a device, Singularity Mobile:
- Detects applications attempting to gain access to private data
- Detects phishing links that try to steal login credentials
- Detects when your phone joins networks that appear to be malicious
- Detects when your phone is rooted or has a known vulnerability

If you have your company’s Mobile Device Management profile installed on your phone, your access to work email, work shared drives, and other company resources may be blocked when your phone is detected to be under attack or in a risky state.

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