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About Sensory Baby: Games for Babies

Entertain your baby or toddler with this fun, enjoyable, visually stimulating sensory learning app. Sensory Play will also help your child develop hand eye coordination skills.

Whether your child is a newborn baby, infant or toddler, this sensory learning app will provide activities guaranteed to provide them with joy and entertainment! Sensory Play is ideal for when you’re out and about, when your infant is getting bored or upset, when your toddler won’t settle or gets into mischief or when you just want your kids to relax before bed time. Simply distract your child and get their attention with some joyful visual stimulation!

This sensorial app has many unique features compared to other sensory based games. Your children will enjoy the firework, bubble, balloon pop and finger paint games. Improve your child’s development and make learning fun with Sensory Play!

Sensory Play Features:

Sensory Play for Babies
• Newborn babies can place their hands on the screen to cause lots of effects at all points on the screen
• Visually stimulating – Choose from multiple effects to be created when the game screen is touched (twinkles, stars, plasma, fireworks)
• Your baby will be entertained with a selection of backgrounds colors and scenes (forest, island, winter, jungle)
• Your baby can control where the birds and other animals fly with multi touch support
• Newborn babies will be entertained by multiple birds, animals, angels and fairies with varying contrasting colors playing at the same time.
• Sensory games include Vibration and Sound Effects when the game screen is touched
• Sensory gyro support - as your baby rotates the device, the game world rotates with them

Educational Toddler Games
• Sensory learning app will delight your kids and provide increased educational benefits
• Toddler games will help from the early stages of child development, and help learning and absorbing information around them
• Help toddler development with touch, feel, hear and to understand how interactions affect their surroundings
• Your toddler will learn that touching the screen will cause different effects they drag fingers across the screen

Children Development
• Child development and education is important. Children will learn the cause and effect of screen techniques
• Sensory games are simple to understand and not too complex. Ideal for young kids of ages from newborns, up to the late preschool or kindergarten preschool
• Sensory Play will help development and fully understand all aspects of the world with their actions
• As children touch the screen, they gain instant feedback with vibration, sound effects and touch effects
• Continue development of children’s motor skills and hand eye coordination
• Sensory Play aids in helping to fine tuning motor skills and movements with very detailed movements that we require everyday use

Stimulation Games
• Children will be amused for hours with visually stimulating, interactive, sensory games
• Great entertainment for children as they begin to understand that their touch causes the animals to swim to where they touched the screen
• Parental Controls: Game screen lock – Prevent your baby from accidentally exiting the game

• Sensory Games for Autistic Children
• Sensory Play has shown great benefits in learning and stimulation for children with autism and children with special educational needs (SEN)
• Parents of autistic children, special educational needs (SEN) and learning disabilities have given excellent feedback

Sensory Play is a visually stimulating sensorial app for children that helps child development at a young age. Help your baby, toddler or child learn hand eye coordination and be entertained with Sensory Play!

Download this educational, stimulating, fun sensory app now for free!

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My baby loves this game
Sandra Hallock
Kirk Radcliffe
I have a little sister who is about one year old and she loves this game, this calms her down immediately highly recommended...
Deanna seabolt
It was good
C Seidle
Great app for autistic people
Michael Motelet
my special needs daughter loves it
Veda desma