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About Toko - Your Online Store Builder

***Toko – Your online store builder***

Creating your online store is now free and super easy with Toko. You can now create your online store in 2 minutes.

Now selling online is as simple as:
-Take a picture
-Add price
-Share on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, TikTok, etc

Toko helps you grow your business by reaching a larger audience and marketing your products with a beautiful catalog.

How can you grow your business with Toko?
Toko helps you get orders 24/7, so you are not limited by store hours or the lockdown anymore.
With Toko you can promote your business to multiple platforms and gain relevant audiences without spending a single penny.
You can share your created store on WhatsApp and run a campaign on any online platform. All in just a few taps.
Toko is the easiest and fastest way to build your store and sell online. Your customers get a beautiful and an attractive interface to quickly find the required product at your store.

How does it help your customers?
Customers can easily select products at your online store.
Customers can select products from the catalogues and place the order by selecting the ‘Place order’ button.
Once the order is confirmed, customers will receive the confirmation SMS with a tracking link attached.

Customer can track the following:
-Order details (order ID, items, etc.)
-Tracking status ‘In Transit’
-Tracking status ‘Order Delivered’

How to save your cost with Toko?
Toko makes it easy for you to make money without spending any! With Tokoshop by your side, you don’t need:
- Physical store
- Website
- Hosting
- Domain
- Maintenance
No costs whatsoever!

***Your online store creator***

Toko is a place where all the shop owners can build their own online stores on their own. They don’t need to have any specific platform experience to build an online shore.

Why Toko is at the Top?
Toko is the only app for retailers who are interested in selling online without spending an extra amount of money.
-No hidden charges, and no extra fees - it’s 100% FREE!
-Free SMS reminders to your customer on every order
-Store owners can directly call customers through the app to confirm information
-You can set the delivery date of the order
-Get Free daily/weekly orders update
-Get notification on every order you receive
-You can accept or decline orders depending on your availability
-It’s fast, so that your business always stays on top
-Got any trouble? No worries - our support team will help you 24/7

You can also contact us via email ([email protected])

Toko is best for the businesses like:
Kiryana store, general store, bakery shop, fruit shop, pan shop, vegetable shop, jewellery shop, sunar, gold business, pharmacy and medical store, real estate, milk shops, Newspaper distributors and garment wholesalers, WhatsApp-based business, home-based business and Facebook based businesses.

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Is tarha ki application mein ny abi tak Pakistan mein nhi dekhe hai, boht zbr10 aur taiz application hai aur update karny ka bad to as mein kafi naye features b aa gaye hain, Love It 👍
Salman Younas
Superb app. Thank you
Muhammad Aaqib Mumtaz
Actually a very good app with lots of extras and easy to use. Products look amazing and very professional. I enjoy it.
ali hashim