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About Maracaibo Digital

The official adaptation of Alexander Pfister's award-winning strategy board game for 1 to 4 players.

Play as an adventurer and sail around the Caribbean! Upgrade your ship, complete quests, and engage in combat. Every card you buy will unlock new abilities and bonuses to outwit your opponents.

The board changes every round, and your strategy will have to keep up. Will you play slowly, buying as many cards as you can? Or will you race to the final space to catch your opponents by surprise?

• Ranked in the Top 50 board games of all time
• Easy to start playing, difficult to master
• Strategize around hundreds of unique cards
• Play on a board that changes every game

• Learn the game's rules with an interactive tutorial
• Play solo against the Automa at 5 levels of difficulty
• Pass and play for 2 to 4 players on the same device
• Uncover the story of Maracaibo in Campaign Mode, where your decisions permanently change the board

• Includes all cards from the "La Armada" mini-expansion!

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Maracaibo Digital

Maracaibo Digital


The official adaptation of Alexander Pfister's award-winning strategy board game for 1...

Great tutorial for both how to play and the automa when you first use them. Has a bunch of nice touches like hiding certain card icons once they become irrelevant and notification dots for career achievement...
Ryan Stelly
Surprisingly excellent adaptation of one of Pfister's most enjoyable designs. Great work!
Conor O'Dea
Really good adaption of the board game, runs well. The solo experience is brutal, haven't managed to beat it in medium level yet! Unfortunately this game is really missing the online PvP mode
If you're looking for a deep, pirate-themed strategy game then this is your ticket! I've never played the board game, so it was a lot to learn at first, but the app does a great job at breaking things down f...
James Kotzian
Great adaptation of the board game. Now I can't knock the brown disks all over the place!
Greg Reader
I love that this has a campaign. Great for solo players