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About Electrocal - Electronics circuit calculator

Electrocal is an app that is designed well, to help electronics engineers and electronics hobbyist in designing electronics circuits.
The app contains the following calculators.

  • Color coded resistor calculator

  • Resistance calculator

  • Series resistors calculator

  • Parallel resistors calculator

  • Series capacitors calculator

  • Parallel capacitors calculator

  • Capacitance of a capacitor calculator

  • Parallel plate capacitor calculator

  • Capacitive reactance calculator

  • Ceramic capacitor calculator

  • Polyester capacitor calculator

  • Surface mounted capacitor (SMD) calculator

  • Toroidal inductor winding calculator

  • Indutor winding calculator

  • Air core inductor winding calculator

  • Adjustable voltage regulator calculator

  • Zener diode voltage regulator calculator

  • Bipolar junction transistor (BJT) amplifier analysis calculator

  • LR filter calculator

  • Parallel RLC calculator

  • Transformer winding calculator

  • 555 timer astable multivibrator calculator

  • 555 timer monostable multivibrator calculator

  • Op-amp inverting amplifier calculator

  • Op-amp noninverting amplifier calculator

  • Op-amp difference amplifier calculator

  • Sallen-Key single-pole filter calculator

  • Sallen-Key double-pole filter calculator

  • Butterworth passive filter calculator

  • Chebychev passive filter calculator

  • Bessel passive filter calculator

  • Active filter calculator

  • RC passive filter calculator

  • Inductive reactance calculator

  • Series LRC circuit calculator

  • Resistor voltage divider calculator

  • Wheatstone bridge calculator

  • Charging/Discharging a capacitor calculator

  • Charging/Discharging an inductor calculator

  • Resistivity calculator

  • PCB trace width calculator

  • Attenuators calculator

  • Microstrip calculator

  • Wave guide calculator

  • Electrical power calculator

  • Decibel calculator

  • Alternating current (AC) calculator

  • Ohms law calculator

  • Deltar -> Star calculator

  • Star->Deltar calculator

  • Multi layered air core inductor design

  • Spiral inductor design

  • and many more calculator

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