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About Electrical Wiring Simulator

This game will attempt to promote the skill development of engineering students, especially in marine engineering. This game includes basic wiring of the following:
- Series Circuits
- Parallel Circuits
- Series-Parallel Circuits
- Voltage measurement
- Current measurement
- Basic contractor circuits
- Direct online motor starters
- Forward reverse motor controller
- Electro-pneumatic circuits
- Electro-hydraulic circuits
- and many more

Upon completion of each normal mode, the students can simulate the functionality of the system by clicking the push buttons.

This game also has a leaderboard for each class and overall to promote competition among students. Good luck and Enjoy!

Watch the Instructional video here:

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It was a very a help app expecially on those studying engineers , Electrical Wirings it was a very good in guiding
Carl Christian Villanueva
A great recommendation for those students that study electrical wiring and it can enhance your knowledge.
Narte Ariyl Joy A
This app is very useful ❤
Perey Uy
This kind of app is very helpful for the interested to learn about electrical wiring like me.
Jonathan Degorio
1st time to install this kind of app and its really helpful for those student who study circuits like us
It helps for electric diagram and have a fun
Ramon Cadagdagon