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About Baneball

Life goes on after the zombie apocalypse for even the undead need some fun. The favourite game of this new world is the spectacular Baneball - and now it is your chance to be one of the celebrated Sport Managers!

Do you have what it takes to set up a hard-hitting team and lead them to victory in various stadiums all around the globe?

Will you be wise enough to lead and equip your players, manage the resources and train the zombies properly?

Are you so steady that you can reach the world's top by outplaying thousands of opponents in this fast multiplayer action-strategy?

Is it so? Then the glory of Baneball is waiting for you!

● Duel players from around the world in real-time action-strategy 1v1 matches
● Train your zombies and make them stronger for the upcoming fights
● Win powerful accessories from your Sponsors, and use the on your zombies to give them extra features
● Set up your best lineup and defeat your opponents
● Create or join a Club to share accessories and receive steady club income
● Play Daily League Matches, climb up the higher Leagues and play in fantastic Arenas
● Play Z-Cup matches and be the one on the top with the biggest reward
● Start Super Ball with your club members and defeat other clubs
● Take daily tasks for big reward

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Great game. No connection issues. Join the 420 Ballers. Looking for club members!
jose hernandez
Don't see how this is rated so low? More people need to know about this game!!!
Craig Phinney
This game is like clash royale. I don't like strategy games. But if you like then try this. It has nice graphics. Has 30-60fps option. Good music.
Ganesh Karhale
Fun blood bowl style game. Looking forward to future developments.
stuart mathers
This game aight👍👍
Braheim Rush
Despite the low rating and negative reviews, i decided to give the game a chance... and i find the game fun and have had no connection issues. It's a lot like a tug of war card game, but you actually have to...
Joshua Doyle