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About UDP Monitor

UDP Monitor is a simple application that allows you to receive and send UDP packages to/from another host.
It has an easy to use chat like interfase where you provide the remote host ip and port and allows you to send messages to it. You can also configure the receiving port and start listening.
There are a lot of features you can configure:
-Packet buffer size.
-Behavior and format for displayed messages
-Visualize, write and send messages in Natural Language, HEX or ASCII representation
-Auto start receiving on app startup
-Ignore messages from specific IPs
-Program autoresponses
-Clocked auto send messages
-Control UDP Monitor from external apps using Broadcast Intents
You can also save configuration profiles and load them whenever you need them

UDP Monitor is an excelent companion to work with whenever you are developing a network aplication or just monitoring messages from another host/program.

(Disclaimer: It needs to be connected to a WIFI or Mobile network in order to work. Also this is NOT a Wireshark)

Just the tool I was looking for to test my udp server
Jonathan Comley
Nice and simple test tool. It just works! No muss or fuss.
Terry Lawrence
I like it for testing my robots
Mark Menge