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About AirDroid Remote Support

Introducing AirDroid Remote Support, a new efficient solution for technical support !
It helps you establish connection between you and your partner, providing the most intuitive and convenient way to demonstrate your problem and receive instant help. You can share your screen, receive a call, and send messages to have your partner quickly understand the problem and then provide useful suggestions.

Quick Guide:
1. Download and open AirDroid Remote Support app on your mobile device.
2. Share the 9-digit connection code to your partner who has downloaded AirMirror. (Note: Your partner needs to download AirMirror, not Remote Support to build connection with you)
3. After your partner connects to your device via a 9-digit connection code, you are in connection!


Voice Call
Your partner can call you to discuss the probem in real-time.

Screen Sharing
Share your screen with your partner to see the issue together. Whether to start/pause/stop screen sharing is all controlled by you.

Tutorial Gesture
Your partner can show his/her operation trace and lead you to solution.

You can send text messages, pictures or even voice messages to help communicate with each other.

Privacy Protection
During screen-sharing, you can pause anytime you want to protect your password and privacy not to seen by the other.

Used a few similar applications, this one by far is the easiest to use. Quick to connect with very low downtime. I have a support team of about 15 people, each with over a dozen clients. We need to have a fa...
Neil Gupta
I was using this app for my family and staffs. They kinda stupid sometimes so the good thing is to use 9-digit code to provide tech support from my laptop. Now, they don't need to guess which button to press...
Marvin Rivers
Good service
Suresh Kumar