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About AirDroid Business - Kiosk Lockdown & MDM Agent

AirDroid Business is an efficient, secure and intuitive Android device management solution that provides a rich set of features including kiosk mode, application management services, device location tracking, device wall, remote control, files transfer, and content management, strategic device management and more.

AirDroid Business is designed to run on different types of Android-based devices, such as POS, mPOS, digital signage, Android boxes, Corporate-owned devices, and unattended devices. AirDroid Business solutions serve a wide range of sectors, including logistics, retail, IT services, advertising and more.

Key Features
1. Android Kiosk Mode:
With Android Kiosk mode, any Android device can be turned into a digital kiosk. By locking down the user interface, users can only access applications and system settings configured by the system administrator.
- App Whitelist: Only applications added to the whitelist will be visible and available for access.
- Single App Mode and Multi Apps Mode lockdown.
- Automatically activate Kiosk mode after rebooting.
- Customize branding for the device home screen and lock screen layout.
- Password protection to prevent unauthorized access and tampering.

2. Application Management Service (AMS)
AMS is a management suite that enables businesses to update, release and maintain apps on remote devices. System administrators can plan and dictate how they want to update or release the apps to designated devices.
- Force Installation: install new apps or updates on Android devices
- Scheduled release: Release your apps at any time
- Staged rollout: Release app updates to reach only a percentage of users and minimize impact to productivity or service downtime
- App release on demand: Release apps to specific devices or groups
- Custom Branding: Tailor unique interface of App Library for your company

3. Remote Control
Access the Android devices of any brands and manufacturers remotely without needing root permission.

4. Device Location Tracking
Track the location of couriers and vehicles through the map in real-time or device location to see if it’s been stolen.

5. Device Wall
Administrators can see the screens of every managed device in one place and remotely monitor device status and information, as well as application status in real-time.

6. Files Transfer and Management
Businesses and enterprises can transfer files of different types and formats in batch to remote devices. It also supports deleting expired files in batch to make future file management much simpler.

7. Group Management and Role-Based Access Control
Assign employees and devices into groups based on operational requirements. Members in an organization can be assigned to different roles with different levels of access rights, such as administrator, the team member with accessing right or view-only member.

**How to get started**
1. Install AirDroid Business - Kiosk Lockdown & MDM Agent and open it.
Tap ‘Get Free Trial’ shown below to get a 14-day free trial – with no credit card required.
or visit directly.

2. Confirm activation of your trial, then log into AirDroid Business Admin Console and start using it with full functionality.

To learn more about effective Android device management, visit

To get started with AirDroid Business - Kiosk Lockdown & MDM Agent, visit

John david Jb Laderoute Gladue
an efficient tool to manage devices
sevenjay D
An excellent tool that has allowed us to field deploy beta test equipment nationwide, while providing on site support.
Christopher Price