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About 7 Wonders DUEL

With 7 Wonders Duel:
- Play Against AI
- Pass'n play
- Face your friends on the internet
- Monitor your statistics
- Compete against players from all over the world in ranked games

Take the lead of a civilization, make it prosper and surpass your opponents!
The 7 Wonders Duel application is an adaptation of the famous 7 Wonders Duel board game.

In 7 Wonders Duel, players will take turns choosing a card from those available in the game structure. These maps represent a building that he will use in his city to develop it. There are different types of buildings: Resource producers, commercials, military, scientists and civilian buildings.

The game is played in 3 ages, representing the players' progress over time. When the last card of the last age is played, the player with the most victory points wins the game. Unless a player can achieve scientific or military supremacy during the game. In this case, the player wins immediately.

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"Utterly fantastic...

Mahi Boys
GREAT adaptation of 7 Wonders for two players
John W. Bechtel II
Love it. Hope the expansion is added😍
Taylor's Trick-Taking Table