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About SoloStats Touch Volleyball

SoloStats TOUCH - the most requested app from volleyball coaches is now here.

SoloStats TOUCH allows you to customize the players and stats you want to take for each drill at practices and tryouts and can be used for beach volleyball.

Choose any or all players in your roster, then pick from a long list of stats - the same as provided in SoloStats123 or LIVE. Along with some additional stats such as Set Quality from in-system or out-of-system passes.

All stat capture is UNLIMITED and FREE and basic reporting is also built in. Use WebReport to analyze aggregate stats from many drills and practices in any combination you choose.

Take stats for practices, tryouts and matches.

Use TOUCH as a satellite stat taker and merge with SoloStats123 or LIVE match data within WebReports. Use as many TOUCH users as you need to track in-rally touches such as digs, attacks, sets, blocks, serves, receives and free ball passes.

Sync your stats to video and quickly breakdown practice and tryout videos by player and touch using SoloStats VIDEO. Share the video highlights with other coaches, players and parents.

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This app is easy to use and allows immediate feedback to my players. Players love seeing what needs tweaked and also review later.
Casey Marcelo
Great app. I use it almost daily in practice.
Kenneth Talcott
Very easy app to use. Love that it calculates eff ratings.
Dwayne Mendoza