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About iStatVball 3

The next generation of the #1 volleyball stats app for over a decade has arrived! You now have access to sophisticated stats once only available to D1 college programs.

iStatVball™ 3 brings these stats to you at a fraction of the cost and learning curve.

If your opponent has access to this data during the match, and you don’t, you're at a disadvantage!

Start taking full advantage of the power of iStatVball 3 now with a FREE 30 day trial.

- Brand new, patent-pending, volleyball stat recording interface
- Eliminates the hundreds of complex buttons from other stat systems
- Uses the most intuitive interface of all... the volleyball court itself!

AI Engine
- RallyFlow uses a powerful AI engine to ensure more accurate stats
- No need to know esoteric stat rules, even a volleyball novice can take quality stats
- Ensures greater consistency between statisticians

Real-Time Stats
- Don’t settle for stats 24 hours later
- Good coaches know you need stats on the bench to react in real-time

Next Gen Stats
- RallyFlow records stats for EVERY ball contact
- Enables deeper analysis then ever before

Shot Charts
- Easy to read shot charts for ALL contacts
- Visualize set distribution, pass location, and of course serve and attack
- View charts by individual player, for the team as a whole, or the opponent

Heat maps
- See your statistics broken down by court area
- Where is your team hitting best? Where is your opponent passing worst?
- View maps by individual player, team, or opponent

Advanced Stat Tables
- Easy to read stat tables with sorting, locking columns, and more
- Expandable rows to drill down deeper into your data
- Weak rotation on serve receive? Expand to see which player is the cause

Opponent Stats
- All the same stats and charts for the opponent as for your team, except by rotation
- See your opponent’s tendencies and weaknesses in real-time

Comprehensive Stats
- All stats can be broken down by rotation
- Full sideout stats
- Set, serve, and pass ratings (0-3 or 0-4)
- Shot modifiers (tip, free ball, etc)

Cumulative Stats
- Analyze stats for an entire tournament or season
- Season stats by player, lineup, opponent, or venue
- Cumulative shot charts and heat maps as well!

Career Stats
- Track career stats across multiple seasons of the same team
- Or across multiple teams within the organization

Tally Stats
- Enter stats from paper if you forgot your device
- Easily edit stats to correct mistakes

- View a detailed event log showing every ball contact
- Edit the play-by-play live or later

- Nicely formatted Box Score and Summary PDFs, perfect for printing
- Full MaxPreps integration, upload directly from your device
- Varsity Bound (QuickStats) integration

Fully Cloud-Based*
- Your valuable stats are automatically backed-up at all times, never lose your stats again!
- Move seamlessly between devices, tablet to phone, your device to someone else’s

Team Collaboration**
- No more manually emailing stat reports!
- Your media contacts have FREE access to Box Scores
- Players can track their season and career stats directly within the app
- Parents and fans can follow a player’s stats and use the LIVE Stat Tracker

Intuitive Interface
- Easily organize your data by school/club, age group, and season
- Great for multi-team schools and clubs
- Quickly pre-create lineups in the Lineup Builder

Legacy Interface
- Are you an existing iStatVball 2 anxious about learning the new RallyFlow system?
- No problem, the full v2 recording interface is available in v3 to help ease the transition

iStatVball 2 Import
- Import all your data from v2 and take advantage of many new v3 features
- Career stats for all your old teams!

Helpful Support
- Concise tutorial videos available directly within the app
- Responsive email support whenever you need it

* Requires an internet connection
** Requires a separate subscription for each user

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