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About Ring My Loctician: Booking app

Ring My Loctician is a touchless appointment booking app for locticians and their clients.

As a loctician, a person who styles the hair into Locs, you will want to download and use the app for several reasons:

- to keep your schedule organized
- to have your portfolio page public to your clients
- to prevent unexpected showups
- to get booked while you work
- to prevent no shows
- to offer your clients the client's free version of the app
- to be professional in running your business.

We have a strong background and experience in the online booking business from the Ring My Stylist and Ring My Barber mobile apps we have managed for several years now.

Several main functionalities we offer you:

A. Schedule an appointment in 3 seconds.
Scheduling an appointment is as simple as taping on the calendar, tap a client you want to book, tap the service, and save. That is how fast you will schedule your next appointment.

B. You own portfolio page.
As part of your subscription, you will have your unique portfolio URL(link) as well as a unique QR Code. The portfolio page includes your services, your portfolio pictures, your reviews, your terms, as well as the option to "Book Now".

C. Your client can schedule their own appointment with you.
This app is completely free for your clients. Once they have it, they will see your availability and your services. We offer them the booking widget where with one tap, they will submit an appointment request.
Clients can book you from your portfolio page as well, no need to install the app. Getting the app is just a bonus you offer them.

D. Appointment reminders
To prevent the no-show, we are sending several automatic messages to the client. Once you book the client, we send an email, a push notification to those who have the app, and an SMS saying that the appointment is scheduled. 1-hour before the appointment, we send an automatic SMS reminder to be 100% sure they are aware of the time, and they will be there. Optional, you can SMS them by opening the appointment, tap SMS button, and send the message.

E. Work settings
Because you are your own boss, the app offers you the necessary setting to arrange the schedule in the way you want. You choose if you can get booked by guests or not. You set how many hours in advance the booking is permitted. You can set the appointment confirmation on auto. You choose if you only want one month available at a time. Then for the days, you can turn them ON or OFF, add lunchtime, block out personal time, and more.

How much does it cost?

- For Clients - completely free
- For Locticians - Enjoy a free month's trial. After the first month's trial, the Subscription is auto-renewable, which means that once purchased, it will be auto-renewed every month until you cancel it 24 hours before the end of the current period. The subscription duration is 1 Month with a charge of $9.99 every month or $96.99 yearly when you choose the annual subscription. View Terms of Use at

Why are we different? Why should you choose us?

Our main preoccupation is to offer you a good experience while you are working with the mobile app. An app you don't know what to do with it's just a tool. To ensure you will use it at maximum capacity, we added an online chat system where you can talk with us in real-time. Any questions or requests we will answer, or we will help you.

Then, except for constantly improving the app performance and functionality, we invest our time in predictive analytics to identify the likelihood of future outcomes, like what your calendar will look like next week or next month, based on your previous appointments.

As a continuation of the predictive analytics, we will then move forward to apply some AI techniques to solve no-shows, a problem long sees in our industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Ring My Loctician?

Ring My Loctician is a touchless appointment booking app for locticians and their clients.

What are the benefits of using Ring My Loctician as a loctician?

The benefits of using Ring My Loctician as a loctician include keeping your schedule organized, having a public portfolio page for your clients, preventing unexpected showups, getting booked while you work, preventing no shows, offering your clients the free version of the app, and maintaining a professional business operation.

What functionalities does Ring My Loctician offer?

Ring My Loctician offers functionalities such as scheduling appointments in just 3 seconds, having your own portfolio page with services, pictures, reviews, and a "Book Now" option, allowing your clients to schedule their own appointments, sending appointment reminders to prevent no-shows, and providing customizable work settings.

How much does Ring My Loctician cost?

Ring My Loctician is completely free for clients. For locticians, there is a free one-month trial, and after that, a subscription is required at a cost of $9.99 per month or $96.99 per year.

What makes Ring My Loctician different from other booking apps?

Ring My Loctician offers a good user experience with real-time chat support, predictive analytics to improve scheduling, and plans to utilize AI techniques to address the issue of no-shows in the industry.
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