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About Russian food recipes offline

Russian recipes app offers you many healthy and quick recipes. These include drink recipes, adobo recipes, vindaloo recipes, bbq recipes, cutlet recipes, pasta recipes, recipes for tacos and recipes for chops.

Festive recipes
Ultimate Russian recipes for American Super Bowl dinner party. Also, find several Russian food recipes that suit any occasions like Valentine's day and Chinese New Year.

Popular easy russian recipes of the month
Recipes like russian pancakes, solyanka, honeycake, shashlik, mushroom julienne, ikra, dumplings and smoked salmon or salted herring are popular in January & February.

Simple healthy russian recipe instructions with picture
Every russian food recipe has easy step by step instructions with a photo. Get many light recipes for free in our Russian recipes app. Unlike other recipes app, Russian recipes can be used offline. This makes our free recipes app for Android a perfect fit for your kitchen.

Collect favourite best russian recipes
Add your favourite easy russian food recipes to the app's favourites section. You can use the saved easy russian recipes offline. You can also create healthy russian recipe collections on the basis of non-vegetarian, vegetarian, lunch ideas, dinner ideas, cuisine etc.

Russian Food Recipe search
Find recipes by simple search with the name of a recipe or by ingredients used. You can search for best russian recipes with the ingredients you have. We also have Thanksgiving recipes, Christmas recipes, Halloween recipes and other recipe categories for special occasions.

Convert ingredients to a recipe
Our food recipes app lets you cook with ingredients you have. Cook by ingredients feature lets you search and discover easy russian food recipes you can cook with ingredients in your kitchen/refrigerator.

Tastes, allergies and diets
We often have easy russian recipes for people following paleo, keto, gluten-free and vegetarian diets. If you're suffering from any food allergies, we have dairy-free recipes, lactose-free recipes, seafood-free recipes, egg-free recipes and wheat-free. Nutritional information like cholesterol, carbs, calories and fat are available in the Russian recipes app.

Create Meal plans
Meal planning is going to be easy and tasty with Russian recipes. Start eating healthy russian recipes with proper meal planning and grocery shopping.

We offer lots of russian food recipes:
Cook tasty best russian recipes at home using dill, eggs, ground pepper & celery rib. Recipes for classic easy russian food dishes like classic russian kotleti, oladushky, shuba, salted herring and kulebyaka are available in the app. Our favourite easy russian recipes include shashlyk, meat blini with cheese and dill, borscht, and golubtsy.

Our healthy russian recipe app gives you lots of free cooking recipes for soup, teriyaki, bun etc. Now that you've our russian food recipes app, you no longer need to carry around bulky recipe books.

Start cooking with our free recipes app today.

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I use this app because it is good!
Ira Sh
Was missing russian food about last 4 years after leaving Russia, but now I can have it. Thanks a lot for such nice app . Спасибо
Dr.Jitendra Kumar
Dec 29 2014
Prabir Badyakar
Not a lot of Russian food but I love the fact you can save all your recipes on this app and keep them all in one place
A Google user
Very good recipes 👌
Danielle Hiner
Easy to cook and very nice recepies
Karunakirti Madaan