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About Work time tracking, work schedule - Worker 24

Application for managing employees, it makes use of modern solutions thanks to which you can forget about piles of documents.

The application consists of 3 main modules. You can operate individual modules by yourself or delegate your employees by giving them appropriate permissions.

1. Work Time tracking

This module allows registering and editing working time.

You can use Smartphone or Tablet as a Work Time Recorder, leaving it with the application running at the entrance to the workplace. Communication between devices is carried out using the NFC module. An employee will have to bring his phone close to the device in order to start or end his work time.

The application will generate detailed reports for you, including:

- registered work time
- overtime
- unpaid breaks
- estimated remuneration

All data regarding time and attendance can be exported to excel file.

2. Work schedule

Application allows creating and editing the working schedule easily.

You will be able to see a daily and monthly summary for an employee, including data such as:

- number of individual shifts
- number of individual days off
- estimated remuneration for the employee

The schedule will be available in the application for all employees who have it, for others there is a possibility of generating a pdf file which can be printed or sent to them.

If changes to the schedule are made for an employee, he will be automatically informed about it by system notifications.

3. Leave management

Thanks to this module, employees will be able to send day off requests using the application. When an employee sends a request, every person authorized to use this module will be informed about it by system notifications.

After considering the request, the employee will be notified about the decision.

You will have insight into all the taken and planned holiday days of your employees.

Thanks to this application, you will have everything under control.

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