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About ReturnQueen

For too long, returning stuff was a hassle. Waiting in lines. Arguing over receipts. Wasting time. And even then, you don’t always get your money back.

Not anymore.

Meet your new best friend: ReturnQueen.
The app that allows you to return any purchase in just a few swipes from the comfort of your couch.
It makes returns as fast and simple as it was for you to buy that ugly sweater at two in the morning.

Select the items you would like returned. Place it in a collapsible bag that we provide and voila, one of our drivers will pick it up at a time convenient for you.

Forget invoices, printing labels or taping up boxes. We’ve made it all as simple as possible.
All you need to do is place your items in your RQ bag, which we provide and leave it outside your door. We’ll take it from there.

With in-app reminders, you will never miss another return deadline and get every dollar back that you spent, so you can spend it on what counts - stuff you actually love

Keep what you love, exile the rest - with ReturnQueen.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is ReturnQueen?

ReturnQueen is an app that allows you to easily return any purchase from the comfort of your couch.

How does ReturnQueen work?

You can select the items you want to return, place them in a bag provided by ReturnQueen, and one of their drivers will pick it up at a convenient time for you.

Do I need to package or print anything for the return?

No, ReturnQueen takes care of everything. You just need to place the items in the provided bag and leave it outside your door.

Will I miss any return deadlines?

No, ReturnQueen provides in-app reminders so you never miss another return deadline and can get your money back.

What can I do with ReturnQueen?

ReturnQueen allows you to easily return purchases and get your money back, so you can spend it on things you actually love.
Genius App!! So excited to have all my online returns taken care of so efficiency. I used to have boxes of returns lying around for days. Now I can just pop them into the RQ bag a few taps on my app, leave i...
Rebecca Brickman
<#> Código de confirmación de Twitter de 6 dígitos es 657242. / XGYNXWNCMI
Julius Cotten
Awesome idea and clean UI. I absolutely hate returning my items so this helps streamline a lot.
Brandon Ma
Great concept great team!
Johnny Villa
I will have to stay away from scammers and try to protect myself some users and abusers and from my Google account
diane Haynes
Easy and quick to use. Really like the look of the app.
Kevin Wu