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About Rise of Knights - Match 3

In this Match 3 RPG game you will live a lot of different adventures!
Knights, magicians, druids, elfs, wolves, ogres, and more creatures are waiting for you!

The powerful master Hon Lee Fan is in a real trouble!
Match the best team among more than 30 funny and beautiful heroes and get ready to start for this amazing adventure!
But be careful, as history teaches us, having the strongest team won't be enough!
You will need to improve your skills to become a Match 3 master.
Boost your knights and assemble the most matching team to win every single battle and, once you'll have faced the evil in person, don't be afraid: Hon Lee Fan will be with you!

Do you love matching runes whole day? Over and over again? Great!
This endless mode is perfect for you!

Test your skills in this challenging endless mode.
Hordes of monsters (wolves, spiders, ogres and even maleficient pigs) will try to defeat you, becoming stronger after each turn!

Defeat as more monsters as you can to improve your score and show the world who is the greatest monsters slayer of all time!

What? Monsters? Naaah, not here!
In this PVP mode you will be called to deal with teams of the players all around the world!

Empower your team, wear the best skins and show everyone who is DA BEST!

Everything cool, right? Yeah, but it won't be so easy!
Winning matches will let you rise the leaderboard and reach the glory.
Losing matches will let you fall down (ouch!).

Oooh here we are, my favourite feature!
What's more challenging than a real challenge?

Improve your scores in different match 3 game modes and win the amazing prize pool!

Eh? What are you saying? Amazing skins are waiting for me?
COOL! I love skins!

And now, my friend, it's your turn!

Let's start this amazing adventure and become a real Match 3 RPG game master!

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