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About Whats Web

Whats Web: Ultimate WhatsApp Web Experience with Whats Web! πŸš€

Whats Web brings to you an unparalleled WhatsApp Web experience, enabling functionalities like Status Saver, Direct Message, and more, enhancing your daily communications via WhatsApp Web.

Why Whats Web?
Whats Web is not just an app; it's a tool that brings your WhatsApp experience to a new level. Use WhatsApp Web from the comfort of our app, save statuses without a hitch, and send direct messages without storing numbers - all in a secure, user-friendly platform.

🌟 Dive Into Whats Web:
Whats Web empowers your WhatsApp Web use, allowing access to all your WhatsApp chats, sending messages, and managing groups/media directly within the app, providing a seamless WhatsApp Web experience.

🌟 Lock Auto-Popup Keyboard:
Get control over your typing experience by locking the automatic popup keyboard, and type only when you want to.

🌟 Direct Message Without Hesitation:
Leverage Whats Web to send messages directly using Direct Message, without needing to save numbers. A smooth, quick, and easy way to send those necessary WhatsApp messages without cluttering your contact list!

🌟 Stealthy Status Saver:
The Status Saver feature enables you to view and save WhatsApp statuses without marking them as β€œviewed”, ensuring you stay updated with your contacts’ WhatsApp statuses while maintaining privacy.

🌟 Your Privacy Secured:
With Whats Web, your data remains yours. No data is sent or stored on our servers - providing you a secure and private WhatsApp Web environment.

πŸ” Enhanced WhatsApp Web with Whats Web πŸ”
Engage in WhatsApp Web activities with an extra layer of functionalities and ease. Whats Web brings you WhatsApp Web access with added features to enhance usability and manageability.

πŸ” Direct Message Directly πŸ”
Direct Message through WhatsApp without the need to save contacts. Perfect for quick inquiries, one-off messages, and maintaining a clean contact list with Whats Web.

πŸ” Status Saver in Stealth πŸ”
With Status Saver, explore and save WhatsApp statuses without revealing that you’ve viewed them. A clever way to keep track and save all interesting WhatsApp updates!

Whats Web vs. Whatscan
While Whatscan provides WhatsApp Web scanning and access, Whats Web elevates your experience by not only providing enhanced WhatsApp Web access but also additional features like Status Saver and Direct Message, making it a comprehensive solution for your WhatsApp Web usage!


We honor your communication privacy. Whats Web ensures that your messages, media, and activities do not traverse through external servers, providing a secure environment for your interactions.


Whats Web is designed to be intuitively user-friendly, allowing all age groups to navigate, use, and manage the app effortlessly.


Experience no lags or synchronization issues, ensuring your messages and data are easily accessible, providing a smooth flow between our mobile app and the whatsapp web version.


Step into a realm of convenient and efficient WhatsApp usage with Whats Web. Download now and elevate your WhatsApp Web experience seamlessly!

Support & Feedback
Encounter any issues or have suggestions? Reach out to our support team through [email protected]

Embark on a journey of smooth, enhanced, and efficient WhatsApp Web usage with Whats Web. Download now and elevate your WhatsApp Web experience!

Note: Whats Web is created by us. Whats Web application is not an official WhatsApp application. Whats Web application is not affiliated by WhatsApp Inc.

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Whats Web: Ultimate WhatsApp Web Experience with Whats Web! πŸš€Whats Web brings...

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The direct message feature on Whats Web has redefined my WhatsApp Web experience. Pure gold!
Erich Bunton
From despair to joy – that's my journey with WhatsApp deleted messages, all because of Whats Web!
Tomas Bucco
Thought I lost some precious WhatsApp chats for good. But with Whats Web, they're back!
Manuel Freuden
Direct messaging on WhatsApp Web? Whats Web has perfected it!
Damian Covino
Had almost accepted my lost WhatsApp chats as gone forever, then came along Whats Web. What a lifesaver!
Francis Hew
Accidentally deleted a crucial WhatsApp chat, but thanks to Whats Web, crisis averted!
Graig Krob