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About AQI Air Quality Index Reminder

“The air quality index is needed to provide a metric for warning citizens about the dangers of air pollution at varying levels of intensity”

AQI air quality index app keeps you informed about the real-time air pollution and weather updates from the nearest air quality monitoring station to your current location. With data from over 10,500+ tracking stations around the globe, you can also plan your holidays for a carefree outing! Apart from AQI, the air quality app gives individual statuses of all outdoor air pollutants like PM10, PM2.5, CO, NO2, SO2, ozone, etc. So no more worrying about air pollution!

Have you ever changed your plans because of a dramatic change in the weather? Did you have to cancel star-gazing or outdoor date night because the air was unbreathable? Plan your outdoors with the AQI app for a toxic-free and stress-free experience because we believe that you reflect what you breathe. Don't let bad air quality or air pollution affect your spirit.

The AQI fluctuates during the whole day, making it easy for you to plan your day’s activities.

Poor air quality brings many health problems like cardiovascular disease and respiratory problems such as asthma, allergies, pneumonia, and bronchitis. On days when the AQI level is above 101 (yellow), you should take appropriate steps to limit your exposure.
It is air quality check meter which gives you infor about your local AQI. It is very important to know real time air quality index so we can avoid pollution and plan our days better.
Track outdoor air quality in your city – including PM2.5, AQI, and PM10 values, view historical air quality data for any location, know how pollution levels in your city compare with global figures and make informed decisions that help you Breathe Well and Live Well.

Some precautionary measures/safety tips during the poor air quality days:

=> Find out the real time air quality in your area before planning your day.

=> Minimize your exposure by avoiding highly polluted areas like high-traffic, industrial areas, especially at peak pollution hours.

=> Try exercising indoors on days when air quality is poor so that you can benefit from pollution-free air. Contribute to improving long-term air quality by reducing emissions as much as you can. Use public transportation or carpool with your family and friends whenever possible.


=> Notifications & real time Reminders: Automatically Track AQI air quality for your location of a specific time and remind you on the day of your suitable time with notifications. Apps will allow you to remind multiple times also.

=> Multiple Locations & Cities: Automatically track AQI air quality for your specific cities every time you open the app on your mobile phone.

=> Smart Location Services: Automatically view the AQI air quality data from the nearest local place or location and monitor every time you open the app.

=> No Annoying Ads: Enjoy all these features and more without having to worry about those long, irritating ads.

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I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep track of their surroundings and stay informed about what's going on around them!
Cline Masuda
This app will help me stay safe when I go outside because it tells me if there are any hazards in my environment.
A Google user
This product gets 5 stars from me because of its simplicity, usefulness, and good aesthetics. The Air Quality Index app is a must-have for everyone. It keeps you informed about the air quality index of your ...
Rose Faiz