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About Plume Labs: Air Quality App

What's the air quality forecast for today? When’s the best time to go for a run? Oh, and what are the pollution levels like in my next holiday destination?

Plume Labs gives you real-time pollution levels in your area, and around the globe. Get live street-by-street pollution maps for the world’s major urban areas, and detailed information about how air quality will evolve over the next 72 hours—just like a weather forecast.

Looking for the Flow personal pollution sensor app? Search for ‘Flow by Plume Labs’.

It’s air pollution information you can act on—73% of our surveyed users say Plume Labs helped them make changes in their daily habits to breathe cleaner air, no matter where they were!

The Plume Labs’ Air Quality App works all over the world. Our top team of data and atmospheric scientists has built a worldwide air quality forecasting system using a wide variety of data sources. This includes satellite imagery, atmospheric simulations, traffic and emissions datasets, all coming together to give you the most accurate air quality info out there.

We’ve got you covered wherever you go in the world.


DETAILED MAPS: Live, street-by-street air quality maps give you detailed information about pollution levels on each street, in real time! Find the best route to work, pick the cleanest parks for a playdate—it’s all there in a stunning, easy-to-read map.

LIVE, HISTORICAL, AND FORECAST DATA: Plume Labs gives you real-time, city-by-city data for the most important pollutants - NO2, PM2.5, PM10, and O3. Look ahead with a 72 hour forecast. Analyze the past with up to 6 months of historical data!

HYPER-LOCAL INFO: Street-level pollution information is at your fingertips—pick your places, get the forecasts, drill into the maps! Studies have shown that access to this type of air pollution information can help you reduce your exposure by up to 50%.

CLEAN-AIR COACHING: Plume Labs gives you tips and tricks for finding clean air while running, cycling, having fun at the playground, and eating outdoors. Your clean-air coach will keep you up-to-date with just the right notifications.

Morning Report: 7AM overview of the current day
Evening Report: 7PM forecast of the day to come
Smart Notifications: Intelligent alerts warn you of pollution peaks and tell you when the air is clean.


Awesome app! A must have if you care about your health and city.

Great app one of a kind. Air quality monitoring app in a class of its own

It helps a lot to know when pollution is high. I always have medical breathing issues that I need to be careful of. Thanks for the help!


HuffingtonPost: "Beat the pollution with the Plume Air app."

Evening Standard: "This pollution app tells you when it's 'safest' to go outside."

TechCrunch: "A pragmatic approach to air pollution. Strikes the right balance between providing insightful information about air pollution and not being too complicated."


Plume Air Report went through a total overhaul. Beyond the name change, we added various new features to the app. What made the success of Air Report haven’t moved. Here is what’s new:

Check out the updated design and streamlined interface. Our team has pulled out all the stops to bring you a new look that adds new features and leaves room for more!
Slide along the beautiful new timeline to see historical data. Color-coding gives an at-a-glance overview of the situation.
Get pollutant breakdowns, hourly, daily, monthly info, annual averages, and worst day/best day comparisons.
Add cities to your feed and compare air quality around the world. Our universal Air Quality Index lets you quickly see how the air measures up. Prefer measurements in a local AQI? It’s easy to adjust your settings in-app.

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Extremely helpful in determining air quality at your current location. Highly recommend for fire season.
Caitlin and Chris Forsyth
Useful app!
Star Gr
The best app when it comes to the air quality!! 👍🏿👍🏿
Hasan McCray
Vibha Shri
Very good
nicky simpson
Great app nice
super 211 Akram