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About Random Name Picker - Raffles, Decisions, Groups


Great for:
★ Choosing students to call on in class
★ Raffles and other prize giveaways
★ Creating groups
★ Figuring out what to do
★ Simplifying all of your important decisions

- Create, rename, and maintain custom lists of names. Names can be added, deleted, changed, or duplicated
- Choose any number of names at random with or without replacement from the list of your choosing
- Spice up the name choosing experience with the app's customizable presentation mode
- Export your name lists as .txt or .csv files
- Maintains a chronological, clearable, and copy-able history of chosen names
- Reset a list's content if you're choosing from it without replacement
- Quickly and seamlessly import name lists from .txt files on your device
- Auto-suggest names that you already have so you don't have to completely re-type them over and over again
- Import name lists into one another to quickly add many names at once
- Chosen names can be displayed as ordered lists for organization. Chosen name lists are also copy-able for easy sharing and transferring
- Tired of clicking buttons? Shake your device to choose names instead!
- Got a tired voice? Have the app say the chosen names for you!
- Simple, clean, intuitive interface which supports both horizontal and vertical orientation
- Backported Material Design so the UI is sleek and responsive no matter how old your Android device is

Backstory: I built the initial version of this app in less than 6 hours for one of my best friends who's a teacher to help him choose students at random to call on in his class.

If there are any bugs or additional features you would like, please let me know in your review!

This app is open-source! Help me make it better at:

Great app using it to generate random door checks for a site I am working
jason ensinger
Serves the purpose. But maybe best if there is an option to display list of prizes for the raffle
Love this app thnx for making it
Jennifer Stacey