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About Booklight - screen night light and desk lamp

Booklight emits a soft light using the screen of your device. You can manually adjust the brightness and it never goes to standby. If you don't like the default golden light, you can change the color of the light switching to a different theme.

Book light

Do you want to read a book at night but you don't have a lamp? Booklight is the right solution. Use the screen of your phone as a lamp in order to illuminate the pages of your favourite book. There is a bookmark section where you can save a page number in order to start reading the book from where you left off. Wish you good reading with the best mobile low energy consumption book light!

Travel light

Booklight is also a good soft light and you can use it while travelling to avoid disturbing anyone with the flash lamp. Try it and let us know what you think about!

Desk lamp

Why not? Use Booklight as an alternative to your standard desk lamp. You can change the intensity of the light making it perfect for a variety of conditions.

Different themes

Changing the color of the light is very simple. Just select a new theme from the menu. You can use different color lights: gray light, cyan light, orange light, amber light, green light, teal light, blue light, red light, pink light, purple light, indigo light, lime light, deep orange light, light blue light, deep purple light and light green light.

Illumination Timer

Set the timer specifying hours, minutes and seconds. When it ends, the screen illumination will be turn off. Very useful when you want to use Booklight as a night light.

Capture thoughts and quotes

When reading books, bright ideas often come up. Use the floating button to add a quick note: save your thoughts, book quotes or anything else on your mind. Access all saved notes from the main menu. With a click, you can edit what you saved when you want.

Photography soft light

Are you a photographer? You can use Booklight as a soft light to take creative shots with your camera. Play with the light changing the color of the light in order to create interesting photo effects.

In summary, Booklight is excellent when you need dim light, dim screen, low illumination, low light, phone light, screen light, lighting tool, reading light, ultra brightness, night lamp, flash Light, torch light and display light.


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I love the timer and adjustable brightness features the most
Valerie Kinion
Fantastic app. The yellow light makes it easy on the eyes. Thanks
Shelley Nelson
Book lighting
Ramadhanimussa Ramadhani
Awesome, thanks 😊
Jeff Colton
I love this app, the combination of a book light, flashlight, KEEPING TRACK OF MY PAGES and heck you can mess with the colors depending on your mood! It's an amazing program and all together a wonderful crea...
Very good
Freck Vee