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Bottle Flip - DAB PANDA Screenshot 1
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About Bottle Flip - DAB PANDA

The best Bottle Flip - DAB is here! DAB mr. Panda right now!

Mr. Panda will give you the opportunity to save you through the game of roulette! Starting doing the flip from the first bottle, try to flip 3 times in a row to unlock another bottle! But take care, because if you flip wrong, you will start again! Welcome to the Panda's game.


How many bottles can you reach? Let's flip it all them!

EASTER EGG after the last bottle?!?! Find it!

**10 bottles completely new are added totally free to unlock**
**Flip the bottle three times to unlock a new one**
**Awesome DAB PANDA STYLE!!**
**Each bottle have their physics (so each one is different to flip)**
**Awesome art visual**

Can you master the Bottle Flip?

You've seen the challenge, you've flipped the bottle, now take it and go further.

Flip the water bottle and land upright onto the table to score.

How hard you think could it be? With the best physical introduced in this amazing game.

Compete with your friends.

*No Internet Connection Required*

Really fun and cool music
Sim Sim
love it
Shreyas Pandya
Because I fill like this game is super challenging and it's really fun thank you for making this game
Cod Player