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About Privilee

Be inspired. Live your best life in the UAE.

Introducing Privilee
The ultimate five-star lifestyle membership, Privilee offers unlimited access to some of the finest pools and beach clubs, gyms, spas, restaurants, bars and kids’ clubs in the UAE.

Privilee days
Make the most of your membership and craft your perfect Privilee day out from the comfort of your home, office or sun lounger. The Privilee app is your new best friend.

Take a look around
Discover everything there is to know about Privilee. Explore all of our partner venues, find the best deals and discounts and get real-time facts and alerts about the places you want to visit.

Be in the know
From our Privilee Loves recommendations to busy badge warnings for popular partner venues, get the very latest information to optimise your lifestyle planning.

If you live in DXB or visit frequently and you enjoy going to the most beautiful beach clubs in top luxurious hotels then Privilee is TOP for you.. Not only beach clubs, you get super discounts at really top...
Ahmad Alrashid
Love thisnprogramme, and I love the app. Its always kept updated with hotel info, and the team are a pleasure to deal with.
Rob Singleton
Amazing app and membership. Top class in Dubai.
Domenico Marica
Amazing app much better than card , once you check in shows all your offers for the venue
Nancy Mustafa