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About Preferans

Various complexity levels, based on algorithms of Preferans guru Dmitriy Lesnoy and other Marriage for Windows authors, provide fascinating game for amateurs and professional players.

Preferans is the most popular Eastern European card game, where winning depends more on player’s acquirements than on his luck.

The game contains:
1) Six complexity levels. None of them (except Cheater) cheats: good gameplay is achieved only by thorough calculations;
2) Three most popular conventions (Leningrad, Sochi, Rostov) with ability to customize other Preferans conventions;
3) Journey with popular characters;
4) Tweaking UI (timeouts, animations, suit and card orders) and gameplay, in-app language selection;
5) User offers, discard returning, deal customization.

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For those who have doubts that our game doesn't cheat - here are our AI demos:

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Great game
aleksandr yablochnik
Fixed the lingo preferences, thank you! Best app out there still. Although I don't always agree with the algorithm, it's still the best in terms of ux/ui.
Преферанс!!!!! Для меня как неискушенного игрока супер!
K Bbk
Great game, love to play it. Very smooth gameplay, no glitches, excellent navigation. Different levels. Thanks heaps!
Cat Dubitskaya
Werey good
Alex V
Love the game.
Leo Tsiprin