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About Clabber LiveGames - free online card game

Clabber LiveGames are online games with real people.
More than 19 000 000 players. You'll find an opponent at any time.
Only adult and intelligent players. Game is a great way to meet new people. Play Clabber, show your skills and prove your advantage.

★What's inside:★
✓ Clabber
✓ Games only with real people
✓ Free, without advertisement
✓ Chat, friends, gifts and achievements


✓ Free points every hour and every day
✓ Advanced system of achievements
✓ Ratings and user tops
✓ Private tables with password
✓ Low prices for additional points
✓ Quick game mode
✓ Simple one-touch authorization
- Game Center,
- Social networks,
- LiveGames account or
- Guest mode
✓ Detailed rules of each game
✓ 3 kinds of chat in the game
✓ Active support service
✓ Actions and promotions from project Administration
✓ Possible connection via WiFi, 3G, LTE

More than 19 000 000 people are already playing on the site, join us!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are Clabber LiveGames?

Clabber LiveGames are online games with real people, where players can play Clabber and meet new people.

How many players are on Clabber LiveGames?

There are more than 19 million players on Clabber LiveGames.

Are the games free?

Yes, the games are free and without advertisements.

Can players chat with others on Clabber LiveGames?

Yes, there are 3 kinds of chat in the game, and players can also add friends, send gifts, and earn achievements.

Is there customer support available?

Yes, there is an active support service available.

How can players authorize their account?

Players can authorize their account through Game Center, social networks, LiveGames account, or guest mode.

Are there private tables with a password?

Yes, there are private tables with a password.

Are there promotions and actions from the project administration?

Yes, there are actions and promotions from the project administration.

Can players play Clabber LiveGames on different types of connections?

Yes, players can connect via WiFi, 3G, or LTE.

What are the advantages of playing on Clabber LiveGames?

The advantages include free points every hour and day, an advanced system of achievements, ratings and user tops, low prices for additional points, and detailed rules of each game.
Cool game
Laura Marants
Fun game just like dad
Ashley Conner
fun game. very addicting
Emily Sharp
Min Paik
Great game Its the chess games of cards
maxim brandwain