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About Poze: Pose Guideline Camera

Essential for good photos, composition, and poses!
- You can check the most beloved compositions and poses on Instagram.
- From poses that you can take at tourist attractions around the world, to Directions for photo spots!
- You can take great photos by just following the compositions!

Poses/photo spots added weekly
- Weekly update of the latest beloved poses and photo spots on Instagram
- Ask if there are no poses at the desired tourist spot

Geez, look at this crappy photo...
- A jaw-droppingly bad photo taken by a friend, photos that can be expected to be awful when travelling with parents...
- I have no idea how she took such A good photo in the same location as me...
- Horrible picture takers don't understand composition and other elements that make for good photos! Poze allows you to take photos with nice compositions at different locations!

Essential for photos, composition, and poses!
- Of course, color is correctable, but odd compositions and poses are not.
- If they're taken with the same composition used by professional photographers, my photos come out better looking, too!
- You can get the best pictures using the pink lines that comes from hot instagram pictures.

What good is it if only the composition is nice? The background must be gorgeous.
- Don't you guys find it tough to find cafes with wondering backgrounds and hot photo spots for your trips?
- We marked photo zones worldwide in Location. You won't waste time or money on your trips!

Hmm, but…
- Will my body look okay in the photo?: Right, I'm also worried because I'm short. But I've already figured out a composition and angle that makes my legs look longer!
- Are there enough poses?: Over 6,000 poses in 30 countries so far and they are continuing to be added!
- It's probably difficult for parents: Your parents just have to fit the picture inside the pink box. No explanation required, so it's easy for anyone!

Where did the idea for this come from?
- My ex-girlfriend and I visited in Seoul. She asked me to take a picture of her. I took multiple shots, but she complained they all looked bad. I had no idea at the time what makes nice photos. We continued our sorry attempts, and she ended up exploding, "I think you don't love me."
- 4 years later: I was taking weekend lessons from a well-known photographer. One day, I saw a Facebook post titled, "How to take great photos." That's when it hit me. If I can somehow help myself to set good compositions, wouldn't my atrocious photo-taking be cured?

Greetings from Founder
- I started my greeting by sharing my personal tale with hopes of helping many of you. You might be suffering photographers like me or haven't been able to get good photos because you have friends who are also terrible at taking photos.
- I've been to many places with my brothers, sisters and friends for the application testing. It was really hot and cold but they helped me a lot. I couldn't develop this application without them. (Thanks, guys.)
- Although we use photos to show off, I think they are also important mementos of places we've seen, people we adore, and our most cherished memories.
- For everyone to share their great memories, please send us feedback or reviews anytime for anything we must improve on, better photo spots, or compositions.
- Yours truly, San Kang, CEO of Poze

Customer feedback applied (five recent items)

-Favorites feature, applied
-High-resolution Photo-taking feature, applied
-Addition of Ho Chi Minh pose, applied
-Addition of Taipei pose, applied
-Location feature, applied

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