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About Pool Scoreboard Pro

Pool Scoreboard Pro is a scoreboard that contains the following features:

» Control the timing of shot (Shot Clock)
» Show score of the match
» Show the names of players
» Show photos of players

» Display various statistics of players
» Present the historic of the match

» Customize times of Shot Clock
» Customize the warnings on Shot Clock (sound or voice)
» Customize the warning words on Shot Clock

* Special thanks to Ricky Bryant (one of the most respected referees in the USA, certified by Cue Sports International) for their feedbak and suggestions to improve the application.

* We believe that constructive critics help improve the functionality of the application and meet the needs and preferences of users, therefore, we thank and appreciate all the suggestions of users.

* You can contact me directly through Facebook in

* We also thank to rate the application consciously.

Thank you for your preference.

Very no e app for scoring
A Google user
By far the best app available for professional billiard referees and event officials. Every referee should get this app!
Refinator Doner
This is a GREAT APP and is being recommended for Referees to have loaded. The Pro Version is great for checking players speed and if needed putting them on the clock. The storage feature allows you to reco...
Ricky Bryant