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About Ultimate Streak

Ultimate Streak takes a body transforming Push-up Challenge and expands it to allow you to customise and record any core exercise, pushing yourself to your limits

Its origin dates back to a New Year's Resolution to get fit with a challenge between friends. The idea is incredibly simple: "How long can you keep a streak going performing an extra Push-Up for every day of the year?" On Jan 1st you start with a single Push-Up and by the end of the year you'll be doing 365.

The winner is the one who can progress the furthest through the year.

* Ultimate Streak is simple, addictive and it'll transform your body *

Key Features
✔ Simple to set-up, super-fast to use
✔ Choose and customise core exercises
✔ Take on the Ultimate Challenge or set yourself daily targets
✔ Record sets, reps and time
✔ Graphs showing daily, weekly and monthly progress
✔ Compete ONLINE against friends.
✔ Integrated BANK feature allowing you to recover missed days
✔ Pause any activity to take a break and restart where you left off
✔ Completely Ad-free ;-)

There's 4 exercises for free (choose from 40 icons, and customise the name).

Purchase the Premium Upgrade to access a further 12 exercises that will help you improve your core strength.

Push-Ups, Squats, Sit-Ups, Pull-Ups, Plank, Crunches, Dips.... you choose....

- Internet for online competition
- Photos/Media/Files - only needed if you want to save your selfies
- In-app purchase - a one-time premium upgrade giving you access to all features

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Like Chiku
This app is simple but unique. Even the free version has no ads and it is only a cheap one time payment to upgrade. It allows me to perform exercises on my own time throughout the day and provides a challeng...
Logan French
Simple and awesome
Benjamin Würmli
Very good app!! Can see how much effort put into it!! Thanks so much really helps you keep up your exercises and gives you motivation to keep going!! 👍👍💖💖
Laila Huckett
Finally a fitness app which tracks your streaks for individual exercises! Thank you :) Is there a chance you will add achievements?
Detlef Zartwolf
Just what I was looking for thanks for this!
Josh Wingate