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About Nifty: Project Management

Nifty helps you simplify your teams’ workflow by consolidating all phases of your project's lifecycle into one powerful and intuitive tool.

Key Features:

Overview - A bird’s eye view of all your projects and their milestones. Track all of your projects and stay on top of their progress.

Team Chat - Direct messages provide space for one-on-one and group conversations away from your clients for your entire team.

Discussions - Project based discussion channels allow for robust internal or client-facing collaboration. Easily organize your discussions into teams, topics or anything else.

Tasks - Break a large idea into actionable subtasks. No more guessing who’s doing what. With custom task-lists, you can mold each project to follow your specific workflow.

Roadmap - A visual overview of project milestones and deadlines to keep everything and everyone up to speed.

Docs – Nifty’s blank canvas; this clean, collaborative doc tool keeps business requirements, project notes, and creative copy where they should be—with your project.

Files – Upload, view and comment on your files associated with your projects to get work done faster.

While we're able to bring many of the great features from our web-app to mobile, we're working hard to release more features and improve our app to provide you with one of a kind user experience!

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The best PM tool. I'm using Nify for more than 3 months already and it's very useful to me and to my team.
Jeiboy Amahan
Nice app. Webapp in constant development, hope this mobile app too.
Andrew Bayangan
There are lot of improvements from previous version. You guys are listening to customers feedback and implementing quickly..keep it up..
vignesh chinnadurai
Love it, lacks widget and option to share url straight from mobile browser to be 10/10
Nickolas Heitmann
Amazing project management tool.
Nafiur Rahman
I use Nifty for my business and household. I have a few client projects that I'm able to send them action items for review before completing the milestones. I use for my household to keep me straight on thin...
Mark Warren