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About HELP: Matching Games with Fun Puzzle Gameplay

Play five, fun puzzle games for charity! HELP: The Game brings together the top developers, studios and gaming industry superstars - 100% of NET proceeds will support War Child UK, a charity for children affected by conflict across the globe.

Match your way out of the most entertaining scenarios imaginable in epic animal games. Keep your wits about you while playing five addictive puzzle games. Steer Rupert, a clumsy elephant away from delicate china in a thrilling indie game. Create natural landscapes replete with adorable grizzly bears. Swipe to check tickets and manage grumpy train commuters under intense pressure. Swipe for charity by piling clothes on shelves in a topsy-turvy physics game. And, if that’s not enough fun puzzle gameplay for you, dodge perilous wrecking balls while playing intense racing games!

Top 3 Reasons to Download HELP: The Game
1. Five fun filled addictive puzzle games, matching animal games and a physics game you can’t get anywhere else.
2. Addictive, casual gameplay from top gaming studios.
3. Give back to charity by helping children affected by global conflict. Play matching games so they can too.

With brand new indie games from Featherweight Games, Gameloft, Sports Interactive, and Wooga, HELP brings all the fun of casual gameplay and addictive puzzle games straight to your phone.

• With easy swipe gameplay, throw as many clothes as possible onto shelving units in this physics game gone awry - but, don’t let them fall off!
• Swipe for the most fun you’ll ever have putting laundry away. It’s a physics game for all ages!

• Embrace the addictive energy of racing games with Gameloft, the makers of the popular Asphalt series.
• Racing games take on a whole new meaning with 50 jelly bellies - dash furiously, dodge wrecking balls, avoid traps and more!

• Play engaging tile-based puzzle games
• Match tiles to create your own flourishing, natural world filled with adorable grizzly bears!

• War Child veteran contributor, Sports Interactive, the creator of Football Manager, returns!
• Swipe to check passengers’ train tickets while under intense time pressure from grumpy commuters.

• Match away! Fly by the seat of your pants with Wooga, the creators of June’s Journey and Tropicats.
• Don’t let Rupert, our clumsy elephant, smash his way through a store filled with delicate china.

Match gameplay hits its stride with animal games from the top gaming studios! Enjoy indie games and fun matching games, created for the casual gaming user.

Download HELP: The Game and play five addictive puzzle games in support of War Child UK. A carefully developed selection of indie games created for charity, HELP has hours of matching games and fun puzzle games for you to play so children affected by global conflict can have a chance to enjoy casual gameplay too.

With special thanks to goGame.

PlayStack is a new publisher with a fresh approach to supporting amazing games and the awesome people behind them.

HELP The Game uses various third-party services to support your gaming experience. In order for these components to function correctly, they require permission to access external storage. PlayStack respects your privacy and will never access, make use of or share your personal data.

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Great fun and helping great charity.
Decided to check this out after a pair of hands with a brown sofa suggested it. Fun little collection of minigames with some surprisingly enjoyable mechanics. Proceeds go to charity, bonus!
A Google user
Fun bunch of games for a great cause!
Jessica Martin
Wonderful. Glad to help a worthwhile cause and have great games to play😊
W. Langman creates
Brilliant collection of games and a good cause too.
Joel F
Great games for a great cause. £2.99, you can afford it so buy it! Every time you enjoy playing it just think of the lives you're saving and changing. The very best there is!!
Steve Smith