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About Link to MIDI Bridge

Link to MIDI Bridge creates a virtual bridge between your Ableton Link Session and musical devices that support MIDI Clock Synchronization.

Easy to use

1. Join a Link session (WiFi required)
2. Hookup your MIDI device/interface
3. Enjoy your now Link-enabled MIDI device

Feature Highlights

MIDI Start quantization (1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 1 - 32beats)
Stable MIDI Clock
Latency compensation (+/-300ms) to perfectly align the playback of the receiving MIDI device

MIDI support

Android 5.x+: USB (host)
Android 6.x+: USB (host+peripheral) + Bluetooth LE (host)

Important Note

Link to MIDI Bridge is recommended for use with hardware MIDI devices, hooked up either directly over USB MIDI or in use of a USB MIDI to DIN interface.
It is technically possible to synchronize other apps over MIDI clock, but it's not recommended because of timing inaccuracies.
Also, MIDI over Bluetooth LE is technically possible, but it's not recommended because of timing inaccuracies in the BLE transmission.


If you have any issues, please report/ask in the Support Forum at:

Minimum device specs

Android 5.x
1200 MHz dual-core CPU
800 * 480 screen resolution

Recommended device specs

Android 7.x or higher
1500 MHz quad-core or faster CPU
1280 * 720 or higher screen resolution


Bluetooth+Location: MIDI over BLE

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How to link.
Bhajan Darshan
Essential tool if you use Ableton Link-enabled apps with your midi gear or if you want to just check in with the current state of your midi/link network. I also use Link to MIDI Bridge to double check that m...
Matt Laffey
Best dev ever. need clone machine.
Michael Richard