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About Oto Music

A material designed offline music player for android

Features :
- Chromecast support
- Gapless playback support
- Normal and synchronized lyrics support
- Download and edit lyrics from the app itself
- Home section(view recently played songs, recently added songs, artists etc)
- List and grid view
- Inbuilt equalizer
- custom playlist support (No more worrying about playlists getting deleted automatically)
- Import and export playlists.
- Multi-select mode
- Multiple sorting options
- Light, dark, battery saver and system default theme support
- Dedicated folders section(view your music files from the app itself)
- Delightful animations, animated icons
- Song tag editor
- Download artist images, artist info and album info automatically
- Search your music. from the app itself.
- Follows latest material design guidelines.
- Sleep timer
- Just 3.9 MB in size

Discord channel :

Made with ❀️ in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Oto Music?

Oto Music is an offline music player designed for android devices.

What are the features of Oto Music?

The features of Oto Music include Chromecast support, gapless playback support, normal and synchronized lyrics support, the ability to download and edit lyrics from the app, a home section to view recently played and added songs, artists, etc., list and grid view options, an inbuilt equalizer, custom playlist support, import and export playlists, multi-select mode, multiple sorting options, support for light, dark, battery saver, and system default themes, a dedicated folders section to view music files, delightful animations and animated icons, a song tag editor, automatic download of artist images, artist info, and album info, the ability to search for music within the app, adherence to the latest material design guidelines, a sleep timer, and a small file size of just 3.9 MB.

Is Oto Music available on Discord?

Yes, Oto Music has a Discord channel. The link to the channel is:

Where was Oto Music made?

Oto Music was made with love in India.
Coolest app i used today ... Great and decent experience.. great workπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
bhavin divecha
I loved the UI. The number of options in the music app is great!
hrishikesh darshan
Awesome, thanks. Could you also look into having the now playing queue jump to the now playing song and songs around it instead of opening to the first songs in queue?
Evan Lee
It's a nice music player app, without any ads. Every thing is just excellent. Just go for it.
Bhaskar Hazarika
very good app to manage all music at once, also it is very light and ui is very good.
James Garrick
The app is great !!!! Is it made in flutter?
akash cheke