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About Learn Arabic on Qaida noorania and Baghdadiyah

Learn to read proper Arabic and recite the holy Quran based on the rules of Qaida noorania and Baghdadiyah methods. Includes hundreds of high quality voice narration for phrases and sentences red in two methods noorania and Baghdadiyah, also includes advance options and configurations to provides both learners and the teachers easy adjustable training styles and repeating for all lessons and provisions.

(Free of ads and no privacy access permissions required)

App features:

* Includes all lessons as in "Tohfat Al-bonyan" and same order.

* Excellent sound quality and clear voice quality.

* reading any phrase by touche with the lighting indicator during reading period.

* Compatible with mobile and tablet devices with responsive screen vertically and horizontally orientation of the device.

* You can switch between the Qaida noorania and Baghdadiyah reading methods while lesson playing.

* Ability to adjust phrases display sizes within the lesson (zoom in / out ) on the screen.

* Play all lessons phrases continuously or create your own playlist by adding phrases to a custom playlist.

* Set the number of repeat times for each phrase (also works within a playlist).

* Set the number of playlist repeat times.

* Set the waiting time peroid between reading phrases in the playlist .

* Ability to choose the length of the phrase red itself as a waiting time period between each phrase and the following. This gives the user the time needed to repeat that phrase before moving to the next phrase.

* Ability to set volume and mute while reading.

* Sound files manager to download and/or delete selected lessons phrases which helps free device storage memory and keeping files that you need for training at that time.

* Change App Color themes and save app configurations between lessons and after app closing.

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واضح وسهل جدا
Adla Kazimi
بارك الله فيكم ممتاز جدا
Mohamed Diaa
البغداديه افضل لاولادي تطبيق جميل وسهل ما شاء الله
PyroRaider 187