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About Golf Navi Pro for watch

*Free use until March 2022 (no limit on the number of times)
*From April 2022, 1 year subscription fee is KRW 9,900

[Golf Navi Pro for watch] for Google Wear OS is only for
the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

Due to the "WHS (Wear Health Service)" API which included in [Golf Navi for Watch], it can only be used on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic models

Intelligent total golf GPS solution that offers altitude difference for the first time in the world - solution that applies augmented reality such as distance measurement, altitude measurement, and customized statistics

Compatibility: Only Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
Supported Devices: Wear OS Powered by Samsung

Manual Guide Link

Major Functions and Strengths:

▶ Automatic recognition of hole system
▶ Supports 60,000+ courses around the world ( 350+ golf courses in Korea )
▶ Provide altitude difference information for the first time in the world
▶ Supports high resolution map
▶ Supports two (left/right) green system
▶ Provide Green Slope difference
▶ Distance Measurement Function
* After Test Period( ), You must purchase a yearly subscription.
Major Function:

Distance Measurement
Distance measurement: Guides the remaining distance from the user's current location to the green tee

Altitude differences support
- Able to check the altitude difference from your current location to green.
- Check altitude difference on CAM: Actual distance info= horizontal distance +/- altitude difference

Supports high resolution maps
-Provides more than 95% of domestic golf courses
-Some of golf courses such as newly registered or public golf courses may not appear on the application.

Bookmark Function
- By storing frequently visited golf courses, the watch can be used alone without using internet data.

Supports two (left/right) green system
- In the case of left/right greens (left green by default), change using the left/right change button.

Green slope images and images of overall golf courses.
-Provide more than 80% of domestic golf courses
- Some of golf courses may not appear on the application

Automatic Hole Recognition System
- It automatically recognizes the hole based on the map and GPS signal and guides you to the next hole.
- Able to change hole information manually

Distance Measurement Function
- It is possible to measure the distance for each shot by using the distance manual measurement function manually.

Voice Guidance Function
- By touching the screen of the watch, you can receive voice guidance of the current remaining distance

Scoreboard Function
-Possible to save the score for each hole
-Users can view and edit the saved score in the scoreboard menu

Satellite GPS reception
The Golf Navi application uses satellite GPS signals for distance accuracy
After selecting a golf course, please be waited on the GPS search screen for couple of seconds.
It may take some time for certain devices to receive satellite GPS signals.

1. Make sure your GPS mode is turned on
2. You must accept the location permission and WHS permission in the Golf Navi app.
3. You can receive course information and distance information outdoors near the actual golf course.
4. GPS signal reception may take a long time or may fail when you run the watch indoors.
5. Some golf courses do not support course layout maps and green slopes.

Customer Service: : 070-7019-9017, [email protected]
Golf Navi Manual in English : [email protected]
This solution was jointly developed with Golf Science Research Institute and Phigolf
We plan to provide personalized, intelligent golf solutions in the future.

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