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About Mahjong Heroes

Mahjong Heroes is a new Mahjong experience: Collect powerful cute animals which will give you special tiles in the levels. Those tiles will give you various different powers to solve the puzzles. The tiles of the panda solves all tiles in a row in an explosion while the Chameleon switches all surrounding tiles to the same icon.

• Match tiles to solve the levels
• Collect powerful cute animals
• Animals give you special tiles in the levels
• Special blocking tiles as extra challenge
• Open precious treasure chests
• Discover new challenging episodes, e.g. the circus
• Special events: Compete with others for great prizes

Play through all the levels by matching identical tiles and collect treasure chests which contain coins and cards. Using the cards you can level up your animals to be more powerful or even find new ones to play with.

Lots of powerful animals to find, e.g.:
• Elvis the tiger: Gives you a horizontal explosion
• Paislee the chameleon: Switch icons to be the same
• Camila the bunny: Get extra time when needed

Blockers making the puzzles more challenging, e.g.:
• The moves changer gives you a bonus or takes it
• Pete spits new tiles into the level

Hike on a trail on a beautiful map with different episodes, e.g.:
• Exciting circus
• Sunny beach
• Dangerous volcano
• Fairy castle
• ... and connect with Facebook to see your friends on the map

Play the Magic Orbs Competition:
• Collect magic orbs
• Compete with other players
• Check out the highscore and make up positions
• After 3 days the best players will win amazing prizes
• Open the game any time for a new competition

A wheel of fortune will give you free gifts and special items.

Try Mahjong Heroes now: It's free to play!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Mahjong Heroes?

Mahjong Heroes is a new Mahjong experience where you collect powerful cute animals that provide special tiles to help you solve puzzles.

How do you play Mahjong Heroes?

In Mahjong Heroes, you match tiles to solve levels and collect treasure chests. The chests contain coins and cards that allow you to level up your animals and find new ones to play with.

What are some of the special powers the animals provide?

Some examples of special powers are the panda's ability to solve all tiles in a row in an explosion and the chameleon's ability to switch all surrounding tiles to the same icon.

Are there any challenges in Mahjong Heroes?

Yes, there are special blocking tiles that act as extra challenges in the levels. Additionally, there are blockers like the moves changer that either give you a bonus or take it away, and Pete who spits new tiles into the level.

What episodes or locations are in Mahjong Heroes?

Mahjong Heroes offers various challenging episodes such as the exciting circus, sunny beach, dangerous volcano, and fairy castle. You can also connect with Facebook to see your friends on the map.

Is there any form of competition in Mahjong Heroes?

Yes, there is the Magic Orbs Competition where you collect magic orbs and compete with other players. The best players after 3 days will win amazing prizes. You can check out the highscore and try to improve your position.

Are there any special events in Mahjong Heroes?

Yes, Mahjong Heroes has special events where you can compete with others for great prizes. Additionally, there is a wheel of fortune that gives you free gifts and special items.

How much does it cost to play Mahjong Heroes?

Mahjong Heroes is free to play.
Great job awesome to play I can play these games all day love it.😍😍🤩🤩
Diana Rosamond
Take off mahjong her...
Jacqueline Scarlett
Great game play.... keeps you intrested to play more because it is not the same old thing over and over.... The layout is fun and colourful.... Great job👏👏
Erika Botes
Awesome 💯
Emily Leimai'ole Ka'ai
Need more time limited on the levels very hard so please add more time on then it a crazy game i love it
Peggy Costello
It's a great game
Faith Penley