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About Mahjong Aquarium

Welcome to Mahjong Aquarium!

Mahjong Aquarium is a brand new game that combines traditional match-2 puzzle game and decoration game. Here you can decorate your aquarium as you like, all decorations and fish need to be get through playing game.

Sounds great? It’s time to discover the exciting and wonderful undersea world, download and play Mahjong Aquarium now!

- Over 1000 free and challenging levels
- design and decorate aquariums all by yourself
- Dozens of unique 3D fish waiting you to discover
- Beautiful graphics and various layouts
- Intelligent free hints
- Sound that can be turned on/off
- No WIFI? Play offline, play anytime, play anywhere
- Suitable for adults and kids

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Mahjong Aquarium?

Mahjong Aquarium is a game that combines a match-2 puzzle game with a decoration game. It allows you to decorate your own aquarium and includes over 1000 levels.

What features does Mahjong Aquarium offer?

Mahjong Aquarium offers features such as over 1000 free and challenging levels, the ability to design and decorate your aquarium, discovering unique 3D fish, beautiful graphics and layouts, intelligent free hints, the option to turn sound on/off, the ability to play offline, and suitability for adults and kids.

How can I download and play Mahjong Aquarium?

You can download and play Mahjong Aquarium by searching for it in your app store or downloading it from the official website.

Do I need an internet connection to play Mahjong Aquarium?

No, you can play Mahjong Aquarium offline without needing a WIFI connection.

Can I customize and design my own aquarium?

Yes, Mahjong Aquarium allows you to design and decorate your own personalized aquarium.

Are there any hints available if I get stuck in a level?

Yes, Mahjong Aquarium provides intelligent free hints to help you when you are stuck in a level.

Is Mahjong Aquarium suitable for all ages?

Yes, Mahjong Aquarium is suitable for both adults and kids.
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