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About Atmosphere: Binaural Therapy Meditation

Atmosphere: Binaural Therapy offers a wide variety of binaural beats for any type of problem. It also includes a binaural beat generator.

Inmerse yourself with our beats or create your own alpha, beta, tetha, gamma or delta brainwaves!

What does Atmosphere: Binaural Therapy includes:

It includes a considerable amount of frecuency presets for every part of your life.

STUDY: Boost your memory, concentration and get help with studies
SPIRIT: Open your 3rd eye, enter in trance or cross the universe with astral travels
SLEEP: Improve your sleeping habits with lucid dreams or deep sleep
BODY: heal your DNA, overcome your addictions or energize yourself
BRAIN: Brain Booster, be smarter, more creative or get relaxed.

Now you can perform easy guided breathing exercises during your meditations to focus on your goals

Keep track of your exercises performed in the application, as well as the time of use.

Create your own meditation sessions formed by binaural waves.

Four incredible and relaxing songs to use in your meditation sessions. You also have Pink, Brown and White noises available.
Try those therapy notes on your own. you can also create your own ones.
Create your own presets and save them in the library with the binaural beat generator. You just need to swipe to the left to erase them.
You can also set the timer and use it on your meditation, relax or sleep sessions.

How to use it:
Binaural Beats are meant to be played with headphones, use them for a better experience.
You can also select a background song from the menu to improve your experience.
Change the volumes as you please to achieve the best result for your meditation

Binaural Waves are just entertainment and should not replace your medicine treatments.
If you have any disease you should visit a doctor.

Absolutely bang on. Xx
Thugs Wollar
It works without internet connection. You can pair the beats with different ambient music choices or not and set the duration. I've experienced wonderful meditation and increased dreams. Best app like this t...
Gretchen Brown
Definitely the best apo for binaural beats I used. The only issue I'd like to address is that there isn't an option to delete custom frequencies or to edit sessions. That would make it perfect
Amanda Miranda