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About PCH Wordmania

So Addictive! So Fun! Welcome to Wordmania! The Word game that’s going to revolutionize the way you think about words!

** Sharpen your mind with Word Games that can help you Win Big! **

Here’s how to get in on the action…

- Get major R-E-W-A-R-D-S! Play the Daily Challenge by guessing all the words you can and you’ll get an incredible 25,000 Tokens!

- Swipe Letters… Have Fun… WORD UP! Get to the next Level and enjoy more Token Rewards! Will you be a WORD MASTER?

-Unlock Treasure Chests! Rack up EXTRA Token Rewards & BONUS Entries that could have you winning BIG! BIG! BIG!
Here’s What You Can WIN…

- GIFT CARDS, ELECTRONICS… EVEN A CAR! You don’t need many Tokens to start claiming entries to win!

-A MILLIONAIRE-MAKING SUPERPRIZE – THE ONE FROM TV!!! Powered by Publishers Clearing House – you could win millions of dollars just playing once a day!

-DAILY PRIZES GUARANTEED! There will be WINNERS! WINNERS! WINNERS! of daily prize grabs valued at hundreds to thousands of dollars!

Now’s the time to get in it to win it with Wordmania! Install the game and you could become our next lucky prize winner in no time!

Remember, after you install PCH Wordmania, turn on your Push Notifications so you never miss a live event or chances to score rewards!


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I love pch
Victoria Williams
More fun from PCH!❤️✨
Stephy Sanjurjo
This is a little different from what I'm used to with the PCH games. But it is enjoyable and if not for the token's I almost forget it's from PCH, I love word games and this one works for me, thanks PCH for ...
Angela Pearson