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About Notepad Pro

The Pro Version of Android's tiniest Notepad app. You can find the free version here.

Apart from being a versatile Auto Save Notepad, it offers the following features over and above the free version.

✓ Unlimited notepad slots
✓ In-line checklist capability
✓ Search within and across notes
✓ Tiny size, just 0.2 MB!
✓ No unwanted permissions

✓ Custom sort/rearrange notes
✓ Categorize/Bookmark notes
✓ Supports custom themes
✓ Always visible note title
✓ Blank note at start option
✓ Full-screen view of notes list

✓ Download notes & backups locally
✓ Make notes read-only
✓ Specify backup frequency
✓ Import/Export notes selectively

✓ Read aloud (speak) notes
✓ Create desktop shortcuts to any note
✓ Home/End of Note shortcuts
✓ More configuration options

✓ Open text send from any external app
✓ Attach note as file in mail
✓ Specify preferred email app

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Notepad Pro?

Notepad Pro is the Pro Version of Android's tiniest Notepad app. It offers additional features compared to the free version.

Where can I find the free version of Notepad Pro?

You can find the free version of Notepad Pro on the Google Play Store at the following link:

What are the features of Notepad Pro?

Notepad Pro offers unlimited notepad slots, in-line checklist capability, search within and across notes, tiny size (just 0.2 MB), and no unwanted permissions.

What display options does Notepad Pro provide?

Notepad Pro allows you to custom sort/rearrange notes, categorize/bookmark notes, supports custom themes, always displays note titles, provides an option for a blank note at start, and offers a full-screen view of notes list.

How does Notepad Pro safeguard notes?

Notepad Pro allows you to download notes and backups locally, make notes read-only, specify backup frequency, and import/export notes selectively.

What accessibility features does Notepad Pro offer?

Notepad Pro provides the ability to read aloud (speak) notes, create desktop shortcuts to any note, use home/end of note shortcuts, and offers more configuration options.

How can I share notes with Notepad Pro?

You can open text sent from any external app, attach notes as files in emails, and specify your preferred email app for sharing.
Just the wright application give it a try
Alonzo Salazar
Great app
Rjay G
For the pay version => 👍👍
Tom Dorsey
While the free version was great, the paid version is much greater. On my Moto G8 Power, with Android 9, the speech-to-text and the Read Aloud make it a dream editor for planning and for writing generally.
Walsh Amite
Good, not great. Good enough that I upgraded to the pay version, but the pay version really doesn't do much more than the free version. Settings really don't allow you to do much of anything. Update: thanks ...
Dave Dammit
WAY better than I dreamed, let alone expected!
SteveR B