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About English Lucas' Whiteboard

Painting is a good practice for everyone. It lets you free your creativity and explore new ideas, a blank paper is where everything can arise.
An easy whiteboard, with all the tools always available, allows you to concentrate on the drawing and not on the app, which makes a more enriching experience with better usability.
Knowing more colours, since many times you do not know how they are said, allows you to perceive more nuances in the drawings.

The colours are on the right side, you have 32 to choose from, you can scroll up and down until you find the one you are looking for, when you click on a color, you will hear how it is said.
The tools are on the left side, and from top to bottom you will find:
- three dots, more tools
- speaker, mute or enable sound
- thickness level, change the thickness of the drawing tool
- eraser, erase parts of the drawing
- pencil, draw
- roller, fill the area you want

You can also edit photos from your gallery, just share it with the Lucas' Whiteboard.

I like because it is fun to make any thing I like making sonic any way it is better than the other one, s its like making your true love buy please BUY it is funnnnnnnnn.
tawanna Ellis
Ahoy this game is much better!
Penny Poney Channel
Because it is easy to paint
Muhammad Atif